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Two Years of Diary Writing

October 22nd, 2002 - 4:12 p.m.

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Well. It's official I suppose. Today marks two years of babbling in this thing. Two whole years of whining, ranting, and assorted other things here. Two years. That's a long time for me to do anything with any regularity. And I seem to have gotten less-regular in my updating over time, but that's probably because of some rather understandable distractions. Normally I'd be someplace other than sitting in my room writing a diary entry at this time but my second class was cancelled to give me some extra time to read this 400 page book that I haven't gotten terribly far with yet. With no class to go to later I decided not to go to my first one and give myself a day off. So yay me.

When I get around to it, I'm going to bring back the not-that-popular, but amusing to me nonetheless, feature that used to be done by that annoying Hosted Scripts place. But of course it isn't anymore because HostedScripts is a frigger. Yes, no one knows what I'm talking about, but I'm going to bring back the Random Text Generated at the top of the page that I used to have. Of course, I don't remember any of the random things I used to have said so I'll have to create a whole new set of random phrases. If you have a random phrase you'd like to see up on my diary, then leave the phrase in either the comment thing from Haloscan or the message board or...just about any other way you can think of as long as I can see it. I'm not as silly as I used to be you know so I can use some help thinking of random things to say. Plus, they're more random if I'm not the only one making things to say. Because if I make them all up then there's probably going to be some sort of coherency to the montage that I don't really want to have. I think the last one was rather overly concerned with food, for instance. It'll just be better with input. But I'm not going to wait a very long time before I put this up, so get your random comment in today.

Oh, that day off I mentioned? It's not really all that much of a day off. I have roughly 330 pages of a book to read for Thursday plus the small article they also asked us to read. In addition to that, I have the reading for tomorrow, which is...I believe, a convolute or two from "The Arcades Project". Since the Arcades Project is comprised almost solely out of quotes, it's not as easy to read as you'd think. It's actually kind of hard to read because you have to sit and think about how each quote connects with the other and what the author's trying to tell you in this section with these quotes. It...takes a while to read something like that. And then there's whatever dead philosopher I'm supposed to read for Thursday. I'm not sure which one it is, but one of them. I may not get around to reading them. Boccacio maybe. It doesn't really matter because the class is a lecture class that doesn't really require much input from me or anyone else.

AT&T called me this morning. Maybe they called twice but I didn't feel like answering the phone the first time so I don't know who that was. They wanted to talk to me about my AT&T Wireless service. I told the woman that I'd cancelled my service and that I'd sent them a check for the balance that was remaining so I didn't see what they could possibly want to talk to me about. She apologized, said she didn't notice or wasn't aware that my service was cancelled and went away very quickly. I was kind of amused. It's really great when people call you to try to convince you to add something to your services or to solicit things from you only to be horribly mistaken. It makes me smile. Something similar that makes me smile is this commercial (yes, it's a commercial that amuses me for once instead of irritating me...I was shocked too) I've seen a couple times since I changed it over to Comedy Central today. It's related which is why I'm going to talk about it. It starts off with a guy answering the phone at 6 am and being unhappy because it's a telemarketer. So he catches a plane to Cleveland and finds the telemarketer (who's been yammering in his ear the entire time) just so he can find the phone the telemarketer is using, rip it off the desk, and stomp on it ferociously. The rest of the commercial is to sell some sort of candy...Crunchy Snickers or Butterfinger or some such thing. It's not really important. And the fact that I can't remember what kind of candy exactly that it's for proves that it isn't. The important bit is the part that I like and remember. I can't say that it's very effective marketing though. Ah well, I don't like ads anyway. I suppose that I should start looking into flights home for Christmas. It's about that time. It'll be good to go home I think. A longer vacation is a Good Thing.

I watched Angel Sunday night. The pace of the show will probably start picking up now that the entire cast has been pretty much reassembled now. They could've almost ended the series at the end of last season since 3 of the characters in the cast were unavailable, including the title character. It wouldn't have been a very satisfying end to the series, much like how unhappy I was with the series finale of Lexx, but it could've been the end. It wasn't, however, so they had to get everyone back in one way or another before they could move on. So now the moving on will begin. I hope. If they don't I don't know what I'm going to do with them.

Anyway, I don't know what I have to say about two years of diary writing. Maybe I'll think of something later and there will be two two-year anniversary diary entries. We'll see. Until then, assuming that even happens, content yourself with revisiting the past. All of the entries from my first day of diary-writing and the entry I wrote on my anniversary. Enjoy.

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