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STILL October 22nd, 2000 - 8 pmish, give or take a lot

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Hmmmm...this is the THIRD entry for October 22nd. Is this day just never-ending or what? Maybe I'm just getting over-happy with the whole diary thing and updating way too often. Nah...that can't be it. I think the real problem is I began this diary sometime after midnight, and then updated it a few hours later, and then after I slept and felt like procrastinating some more, I began to update again. That would take us up to Now of course. I think this and my webpage will become the best(or is it worst?) idea I have ever had for procrastinating. Fiddling with these two things alone should keep me very busy, especially if I do things like update my webpage and add things constantly like Some people I know do. I believe in the future I will try to restrict my musings to just once a day rather than 3 times....except on weekends. Weekends are another category altogether, not to be grouped with week-days, work-days, or anything else ending in day (except for Saturday & Sunday of course!)...the whole point being that it's the Week's END...although if it's the week's end, why do all calanders begin with Sunday? Isn't that part of the weekend? How can it be part of the weekend, but begin the week? I'm all lost now. Is there any special reason why Sunday is seen as the first day of the week, but its still part of the weekend? Why aren't all calanders changed so that Monday really starts the week like everyone knows it does? Anyone know? Anyone even read this? Anyone who has a clue can e-mail me. That's what the "Contact Me" button over on the left is for. Monday's suck. I think that's a given fact, according to Garfield as well as various other cartoon characters/people. But if everyone's work-week started on Sunday or Tuesday would Monday's still suck?

Time for a new paragraph. Why? b/c I decided the one I was writing with was too long already. I shall now continue exactly where I was before, which kind of defeats the purpose of a new paragraph, but what do I care? I think (and you by no means have to agree with me, but if you don't may you be damned to the everlasting fires of Hell b/c I'm ALWAYS right, which means you can't disagree with me w/o being damned...see "A Tale of A Tub" by Swift for such illogical proof as this...also good digressions btw, which is what this just turned into, not that it really matters) that if you changed everyone's work-schedule so that all work began on Tuesdays, Monday would become part of the "weekend" and Saturday would become part of the "week." Also, have you ever noticed that the "weekend" in college is twice as long as a normal one? Weekends there begin on Thursday when all the good parties are, and continue until Sunday, and sometimes Monday or Saturday, depending upon if one really wants to do work on Sunday or not and when classes begin for each individual.

Mornings really suck as well. Having a nickname like "Mistress of the Dark" isn't very condusive to liking mornings, but since the way I am had something to do with picking the nickname rather than the other way around, it's not the same thing. It would just be bizarre if I suddenly went from being a morning person to despising them just b/c I got a nickname. Not that I haven't done anything bizarre in my lifetime, but that just borders on the edge of psychotic...an edge I haven't quite gotten to yet (although I reserve the right to find that edge and go over it at any given time). I think I'm going to stop the rant abruptly now...it's getting a bit long I think. I may update this later if I continue to procrastinate or as a break from actually doing work (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not WORK!!! How dare you destroy my cherished illusions of your character!) Anyway...Bubbles! (damn Dei and his pervasive words. (Great googaly Moogaly, you damn skippy!!))

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