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The Beginning...Where I go all nuts about character limits and anything else I can think of to ramble about.

October 22, 2000ish - 2:15ish

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Hmmm...a beginning entry. Why do things always have to begin anyway? I suppose I should put the purpose of this diary in here Someplace. First of all...Damn character limits!!! I didn't want to be MsoftheDark, but Mistress of the Dark, a nickname I've had for some time. But Noooooooo...I can't do that, it has too many characters! So I was like, okay, how about "MissoftheDark"? Nope, sorry! 13 characters when the limit's 12. Stupid, stupid thing. Maybe I should just kill whoever created diaryland? Ohhhh...I bet that was a bad thing. I wonder if diaryland has any scary monitor-type people whose sole job it is to scan through diary entries looking for references to diaryland that are less than favorable? Could it be a conspiracy? I'm going for yes, but that's just me...I have lots of conspiracy theories...none of which I believe, but it doesn't matter, they're fun to create anyway. Also, I have no idea why I'm doing this. I never had a diary when I was younger, and the thought of actually putting my real thoughts and feelings down on a website where anyone who "accidently" stumbles across it can read them just scares the shit out of me. Its also why I have never ever put my picture up on a website, nor do I intend to...I didn't even want to ever Have a website...but somehow I've managed to acquire one without knowing anything at all about html or any of that other stuff that would be a good idea if you wanted a webpage. No...instead I have a canned recipe formula webpage from some random place. I don't know why, it just came with the download. Note to self: first thing to figure out about java/html/whatever it is...how to put a link inside a diary entry and have it say whatever I want it to. If for some reason, this diary entry doesn't work and it can't find the page it's supposed to place it on, then I'm going to be quite, quite unhappy. I'm really fond of rambling...can't you tell? Oh yeah, and paragraphs are on occasion a foreign concept.

Not today however. Aren't you glad? Wouldn't you scary voyeur people be irritated with me if I had this huge long entry that didn't contain a single paragraph? Wait a minute...why do I care? Also, how come I can put spaces in someplaces, but not in others? Do they just Want to make me even more crazy than I already am? (Of course they do...I didn't even really need to ask that. Stupid question.) Oh yes, and I really, REALLY like to ramble. I shall not however be putting "real" thoughts/feelings/names in here though. Basically this is just another way for me to procrastinate from doing things I "Need" to do. Fun, isn't it? Also, I believe this will be (like the majority of the diaries here) a place to rant, vent, and whine. Oh wait, did I just offend someone? Tant pis! Hmmm...do I have anything else I want to rant about? No? Well, I guess this will do for a beginning however. Oh yes, and viewers beware:

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