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On Friends & Acquaintances

October 22, 2001ish - 2:15ish

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There are certain people who are quite insistant that I want to update. Something about if I had to ask, then I must want to. I'm very, very sorry that I ever came up with that rule. On second thought however, I have suddenly realized why I *have* to update. It's my one-year diary writing anniversary. It's been a year since The Beginning, and I suppose it's time to reflect. Oh screw reflecting, I have other things to do. But it's been an interesting year. I learned how to fiddle with html a little bit, changed stuff on my diary, getting rid of the ugly templates as soon as possible. I've begun to trust my own diary, which is an odd concept, but still an issue I had. Of course, that would probably change if somebody came and visited my diary by looking for me, but whatever. This diary isn't as much of a procrastination tool as it used to be. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still use it when I want to procrastinate, but that isn't the main reason why I write here like it was to begin with.

Words, Another Epithet For Stuff

epithet (n. EH-puh-thet)

1 : a characterizing word or phrase accompanying or occurring in place of the name of a person or thing

2 : a disparaging or abusive word or phrase

Nowadays, epithet is usually used negatively, with the meaning a derogatory word or phrase, but it wasn't always that way. Epithet comes to us via Latin from the Greek noun epitheton and ultimately derives from epitithenai, meaning to put on, add. In its oldest sense, an epithet is simply a descriptive word or phrase, especially one joined by fixed association to the name of someone or something (as in Peter the Great or the stock Homeric phrases gray-eyed Athena and wine-dark sea). Alternatively, epithets may be used in place of a name (as in the Peacemaker or the Eternal). These neutral meanings of epithet are still in use, but today the word is more often used in its negative term of disparagement sense.

I had a long talk with my best friend tonight. I hadn't talked to her since August. It got me to thinking. There are some people you just know so well and for so long that it is impossible to *not* have something to talk about with them. Even if you choose not to say anything to them and just sit in a comfortable silence, you still *could* talk to them about something at any given moment. The conversation got me thinking about the difference between those I think of as friends, and those I think of more as acquaintances. Maybe it's different for other people (in fact, I'm almost certain that it is), but for me, the two biggest things that determine a friend from an acquaintance is how comfortable I am talking to them and their ability to make me laugh. The people I consider acquaintances are able to amuse me occasionally, like that drunk guy who did renditions of Billy Idol, Tina Turner (complete with falsetto, but done very badly), and Micheal Jackson (complete with crotch-grab and Moonwalk-esque moves) last night while I was out of my room (and people wonder why I'm scared of the outside world?). Anyway, true friends make me laugh much more often than that. Why, I don't know. Maybe it's some kind of quirk or something.

I am going to cringe and wince and dread seeing my next credit card bill. I spent $400 today on tickets home and back for Christmas. Four-Hundred friggin dollars. That is a huge amount of money. Not as big as my tuition bill, but still... It must be a conspiracy! A conspiracy to make the airlines a lot of money and to deprive me. And it's especially geared towards screwing those who have to travel to small towns. Or relatively small towns that are still big enough to have airports anyway. Speaking of conspiracies...I think you should be able to find plenty here, although I could be wrong, seeing as how I barely looked at the thing. Oh yeah, definately time to go away and stop procrastinating now.

Song of the Day: "Low Rider" b/c I dig me some funky beats yo. Haaaaaaaaaa...anybody know who sings that? I'm digging the...saxophone?

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