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October 23rd, 2002 - 4:12 a.m.

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Twelve hours later I have a desire to update again. Who am I to deny myself this? I'm just procrastinating anyway. It's not like I should *really* be updating again. But I am. For some reason I've been drinking hot chocolate like crazy today. I think the partially-consumed cup on my desk makes like...4 cups of the stuff in one day. Considering the fact that my hot chocolate comes from little tiny packets (since I could never drink an entire canister of the stuff in a winter and would have to either take it home with me in my suitcase, pack it into a box, or throw it away, which would be a waste), that's roughly equivalent to half a box of the stuff. That seems like a lot of hot chocolate to me. Maybe it's just because I haven't been dtrinking my usual jasmine green tea because I hadn't bought any and was out, so I substituted hot chocolate instead of peach tea which I have to make by the pot. And I might be having another cup soon. Even though I bought tea this evening so I have my jasmine green to be happy with.

You know how I said I wasn't waiting very long before I created my random text thing? Well, apparently I'm impatient because I've started it already and I might finish it before I even finish this entry. Especially since I'm much more into that than I am this. If you want to contribute a random phrase, I'll still accept them. It's not hard to add them to the phrases I already have. I might start a collection or something.

Why was I updating again? Oh yeah. I bought my tickets home for Christmas earlier this evening. That was fun. Well, the expense wasn't really all that fun but it'll be good to go home. Vacation is good. Always. Unless you're using your vacation to work some more. Then it might not be that good. But in general...oh, you know what I mean. My flight this time is non-stop, for the first time ever. That'll be a novel experience. It takes like half the time it normally would when you fly non-stop. I was already aware of that fact, but it'll be even more apparent this way. Whee.

Also, I watched Buffy tonight. I guess it was sort of necessary to resolve the whole Anya thing a bit but I wasn't really that enthralled with it. Maybe it's because I've just never been that fond of Anya to begin with so an entire episode that delves into her past a bit more and decides her fate as a vengeance demon or a human just didn't do much for me. I wasn't really interested in her, so an episode that was all about Anya was boring. I actually didn't pay that much attention to it. There's another reason...I was on the phone with my mother discussing plane tickets for half the show almost. Ah well. So, more hopes for next week...except I'm still not sure what next week's episode is supposed to be about because the preview for it was really freaking confusing.

Eeek. It's almost 6:20, I'm going to go away now. Enjoy the random text thingy.

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