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April 28th, 2001 (early, since it's not that day) - 9:22 p.m.

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I don't know...I always have to save these diary things and then delete them later after they've been posted. That might mean that this whole WordPad thing is more trouble than it's worth. Awww...I'm all disappointed now. There was this saxophone playing outside my window someplace. It was really nice music. Oh, there it is again. Cool. Sometimes living in a city really does rock. No one plays saxophones in the street where I live at home. Then again, I think jazz is pretty much nonexistant at home, although I could be wrong. The other cool thing about today is...okay, maybe it's more bizarre than cool. There was a huge orange and white blimp flying around over the city when I was walking home from work today. I guess it was a really, really big ad for monster.com, but I have no idea why it was Orange, and I mean Really Orange and White. Maybe they have some weird default color scheme there or something? Maybe they wanted it to look like a giant floating pumpkin with words carved on it, I don't know. Anyway, today(well, it might be today by the time I post this, right now it's still the 27th and it will continue to be so for another 3 hours plus a bit more.)...

April 28 is ....... Great Poetry Reading Day and Kiss-Your-Mate Day (Not Applicable, Not Applicable. In the first instance, I pretty much hate poetry so there will be no reading of that, especially not if it's *my* poetry, since I really suck at it, it's not great at all. And in the second instance, you can't kiss a mate you don't have, unless you take it as an Australian slang thing, in which case it would be kiss a friend day. I could probably do that, but they might take it the wrong way. (Oh, and on a sidenote, I really like that European custom of sort of airkissing cheek to cheek. It looks silly, but it's actually rather comforting.)

I have flowers and I have Keebler Fudge Shoppe Grasshopper Cookies which look nothing like grasshoppers and you don't so there! :-P

We Do Not Know

ignoramus (n. ig-nuh-RAY-muss or ig-nuh-RAM-uss)

: an utterly ignorant person : dunce

Ignoramus is the title of a farce by George Ruggle (1575-1622) that was first produced in 1615. The title character, whose name in Latin literally means we do not know, is a lawyer who fancies himself to be quite shrewd but is actually foolish and ignorant. Ruggle may have been inspired in his choice of name for his character by a proceeding in the English judicial system. The term ignoramus was written on bills of indictment when the evidence presented seemed insufficient to justify prosecution. In these cases ignoramus indicated "we take no notice of (i.e., we do not recognize) this indictment." Such a reference would have been most appropriate for Ruggle's satire of the judiciary.

Geez....Impatient Enough Chad? Well, since I *did* promise certain people that I'd do this and since I wrote it down to make sure I didn't forget, I guess I'd better do it. Of course, I did say I was going to wait until I hit 2,222 on my little counter thing to update, just b/c I like the brief symmetry of it. This assumes that I'll be able to actually See when it hits that b/c sometimes sitemeter's all behind and stuff and then I'll miss the cool number and that'll just suck. Anyway, there is a site which is very, very anti-him. I only mention it b/c I know that Chad's not very fond of it. Personally, I don't really see any point to it, but then again, he's popular, and there's always that "we must hate the popular people" thing sometimes. Thus far, they've both amused me, although I don't think that a lot of what the anti- site has to say is right, since the claims they've made thus far are rather erroneous. And what does he plan to do when he ends up with more than 30 people who list him as a favorite? Oh, I guess it could be a girl who runs this, but somehow I don't think so.

Finally, a news snippet. There was other, more depressing news in the paper today about someone jumping off the top of a hotel nearby, but there will be no more mention of that. Except I don't understand how someone could do something like that.

A New Mexico man has to decide whether to continue to pursue an unusual legal claim that his former girlfriend stole his sperm by getting pregnant against his wishes. Peter Wallis, 38, sued 4 year-old Kellie Smith after she refused to have an abortion or to marry him. He accused her of breach of contract, theft and fraud by leading him to believe that she was taking birth control pills when she had actually stopped. However, on Wednesday, the New Mexico Supreme Court refused to hear his case. His only remaining option may be to pursue the case in the federal courts. Smith told the Albuquerque Tribune she just wants the whole legal battle to end, calling it "so highly personal, and so embarrassing." Wallis -- who pays child support and sees his now 3-year-old daughter twice a week -- says he has found unexpected joy in parenthood...

I don't think I wouldn't find this so amusing/disturbing if it wasn't for the typo in that person's age, which lists her as a 4 year-old. Must've been really scary to have a daughter with a 1 year old girl. I didn't realize humans were capable of reproducing that young. And you'd think someone would've objected to this guy having an affair and suing a 1 and then 4 yr. old. I'm pretty sure they're not legally responsible for their actions. The other thing that puzzled me is I don't think you can call having a kid a breach of contract can you? Okay, one more thing...if he finds unexpected joy in parenthood, why's he suing her? Okay, this is going to end my entry...I am really, really friggin annoyed. Damn evil friggers. They're right up there with Christopher Columbus and those depressed cows. I am so very sick of people from every possible language and every freaking nationality searching for the word "mistress" in English and finding me. I mean, I'm on the 9th page! Poland, Greece, Japan, English-speaking countries, Canada, France, Denmark...and these are just the recent ones that I remember! It's really, really annoying. Nice for my counter thing, but still annoying, since no one ever stays. Although, when I think about it, do I really want these people to stay? I know they were probably expecting some sort of dominatrix, submissive, sadistic, masochistic description of my slaves and things, but they were way off. And I can just imagine the freaking google searches I'm going to get after that sentence. Oh well, at least I can be assured that they probably won't stay very long. Well, it's finally hit 2,222...and I've only been finished with this entry for an hour or so.

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