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March 10th, 2001 - 20 to 5 pm

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Ooooh, look, I changed the way I did the time. As if anyone cared. AT ALL. Well, let's continue with more information no one cares about but will be subjected to anyway because....IT'S MY DIARY DAMNIT! And that fact means I can do whatever I want here. I am the mini-dictator of this site, subject only to the whims of Andrew and the vagaries of my computer. Oh wait, that means I'm not a dicatator if I can be smacked down by technology and the guy who owns the site. Then I'm not a mini-dictator who can write anything I want? I think I'm going to cry now...all my delusions are broken, and I'm really just a poor peasant subject to the whims of others. But wait! There's hope yet...b/c I CAN type what I want to in this little box and there's nothing any of you who read it can do to stop me. So maybe I'm like an overseer? All the slaves are forced to do what I want but I's got ta doo wha da masta tells me ta. Yeah. On second thought, I don't like that analogy. Maybe we'll go with the corporate analogy instead. I'm Vice-President in charge of Content, Design, & Operations. I only have to answer to the Chairman and the President. Nah, I still don't like that one either. Anyone got any good analogies? What was I going to say that was information no one cared about before I went off on my mini-rant? Oh yeah...I bought a candle which smells like Lilac Spring. It is pretty and smells nice. Yay me. All others must now be envious of my candle. Ha. Oh yeah. And the other thing which no one cares about but will be said anyway. I Am Freezing!!!! This freaking cheapskate place decided to lower the heat b/c they're expecting fewer people to be around for awhile. It's ridiculous, and worse than that, my room's always had cold problems anyway b/c the window is drafty. Anyone have a nice space heater or something?

Today, (misbegotten as it is)...

March 10 is ....... Festival Of Life In The Cracks Day(ummm...huh? Yeah. Whatever you say. A festival to celebrate "life in the cracks"? What exactly is "life in the cracks" anyway? I mean, I've heard of being down in the dumps and such, but "life in the cracks"? This I find especially disturbing due to having read this just prior to writing this.)

Fig Newtons are evil. Why hasn't anyone realized this and stopped them? (That's what You're for. (Shutup you! No multiple personalities allowed! (oh yeah...right. Sorry about that. (And you get out of here too! Yeah, I said you! I know you thought you could sneak past me by being all quiet and hiding over in the corner.)))

Sorry. Temporary mental prelude. Or something like that. We'll get back to the mental rantings and ravings later. First, a word from our sponsor...

The Word of the Day

The Word of the Day for March 10 is:

maelstrom (n. MAYL-stripper or strahm thurmond)

1. a powerful often violent whirlpool sucking in objects within a given radius

2. something resembling a maelstrom in turbulence

Example sentence:

I really hate example sentences, but there was one Edgar Allen Poe story that had something to do with a maelstrom. I forgot what though. Go look it up. Just thought you should know.

"Maelstrom" comes from an early Dutch proper noun that literally meant "grinding stream." The original Maelstrom is a channel that has dangerous tidal currents located off the northwest coast of Norway. The word became popularized in the general vocabulary of English in reference to a powerful whirlpool, or something akin to one, in the 19th century. This was partly due to its use by writers such as Edgar Allan Poe and Jules Verne (whose writing was widely translated from French) in stories exaggerating the tempestuousness of the Norwegian current and transforming it into a whirling vortex.

Nabisco, Proud makers of Newtons announce that they will begin world domination through use of hallucinogenic drugs contained within their products, in collaboration with the Girl Scouts. They also have plans to collaborate with Disney in bringing about the apocalyspe. Stay tuned to this station for any further updates.

And now, a news snippet to further prove that Disney is evil.

The opening of California Adventure, the new Disney theme park, has been a trying time for Mickey Mouse and the thousands of people who work at the park. A major complication has been problems with some of the new thrill rides -- several of which were made in Europe and shipped to the park for assembly. Now comes word that at least five contractors are taking legal action against Disney for unpaid bills. The Orange County Register reports that nearly $13 million in bills remain unpaid. The total construction cost for the project has been tagged at about $1.4 billion.

See? They're constructing stuff there! Always something to be wary of. Who knows what they really are doing with all that money they aren't paying their contractors? They could be building a giant timer to open a huge vortex into another dimension, which will suck this Earth into that dimension, causing a paradox, since 2 Earths can't exist in the same dimension simultaneously, which would then destroy the universe. Mickey Mouse wants a claim to fame that no one will ever be able to forget you see, and who could forget the guy who destroyed the Universe? Certainly the people in that Restaurant over there won't. If you don't understand the reference in the last sentence then you are a horribly uncultured person and you need to get that fixed immediately.

Okay. Now it's time to rant. ICQ recently decided to put FUCKING BANNER ADS on the bottom of their messages. I hate AOL and I wish they and their near-monopoly, who probably bought off the judges to get them to render that verdict, would die a horrible death. ICQ is a rather cumbersome program, but it offers lots of advantages and there are twenty million people who use it. This however, is not enough to make me pleased by freaking Banner Ads going across the bottom of my message. I find this offensive, irritating, and annoying in the extreme. This is touted as one of the "best" "FREE" instant message programs around. One of the best things is you can send messages to people who are offline. However, None of this makes up for the fact that there's a stupid AD which goes across the bottom of my message now. No one is going to click these things. And it makes it harder for people who have dial-up to use. There's absolutely NO Point to it other than the fact that aol can make some money off of it by saying, look, we can shove these ads in 6 million people's faces and piss them off if you give us money to do so! ARGH! I have go to scream obscenities now.

Oh yeah, and there's a new poll. Go vote.

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