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March 9th, 2001 - Oh, I don't know, some earl

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*sigh* Um, yeah. I don't even have anything to discuss. This seems to be a problem lately. Maybe it's the same problem Marvin Gaye Fan who likes brown shoes and old record players no one has records for anymore has. Of course, I'm not trying to do 2 diaries at once, nor do I have pre-written entries saved on my harddrive (even if I had, they would've went poof with everything else when my harddrive crashed that one time). I'm thinking I want a song of the day. And since this song is playing, the song of the day will be: "You Sang to Me" by Marc Anthony. Alright...I liked yesterday, as well as today, so yesterday and today...

March 8 is ....... Be Nasty Day (Why can't this be everyday? :-) I have to type something after the smiley face cause otherwise it looks strange when I end this parentheses. Ah aesthetics.)

March 9 is ....... Panic Day (Sounds good to me.)

I swear, the words of the day which are now crowding my inbox are urging me to update. I feel guilty if I see a lot of them in there. And since for some strange reason I STILL get 2 of them from 2 seperate places, there's double the words per day sitting in my box urging me to update. I think it might be a sad thing when inanimate messages sitting in my inbox encourage me and shame me into updating. Maybe a case of Emotional Extortion? If you don't know what I'm referring to, well then you'll just have to be lost, won't you? Cause I'm not explaining it, so there.

I have nothing of any real worth to report, so I guess this will just be words of the day and random news snippets, maybe not even that much since I'm tired and have spent awhile fooling around with something more important than a silly diary entry. What did I fool around with you ask? (No, you didn't really, but I'm going to pretend you did anyway.) Well, I'll tell you later. Now you're going to have to read the whole thing to find out what I did. Muwahahahaha...

The Words of the Day (No, not all of them)

bumptious [adj. BUMP-n-grind]

Bumptious means overly self-assertive and overbearing. Near synonyms of this adjective include obtrusive, conceited, self-assertive, blustering, and pushy.

The origin of bumptious is believed to be a humorous formation following the same pattern as words such as captious and fractious. It uses the word bump and the suffix -tious. It was first seen in the early 1800s.

latitudinarian [n., adj. lit-er-ary-non-AIR-ee-un -nazi-]

A latitudinarian (or a latitudinarian person) is one who holds broad, tolerant views -- especially about religion. Near synonyms include permissive, indulgent, and freethinking or freethinker; near antonyms include dogmatic and strict.

This word is capitalized when it describes a member of a group of Anglican Christians from the 17th century. These clerics were opposed to dogmatic positions; they relied on reason rather than tradition when making their theological interpretations.

Latitudinarian comes from the English word latitude, from the Old French latitute, from the Latin latitudo (breadth, width).

Well, while someone else is making the decision for which 2 words should be the words of the day, we'll move on. I don't know what snippets, if any, I'll include here, but I'll look for them shortly. I hate my mouse and I hate the back button too. Damn thing. Now for the news snippets, with comments, as always.

President George W. Bush makes more people panic than bank overdrafts and being called into the boss's office combined. That's according to a poll being conducted this week by

IHateFinancialPlanning.com in conjunction with National Panic Day on Friday.

Of the almost 4,000 respondents who have taken the online survey so far, 26 percent said President Bush makes them panic, followed closely by late-night telephone calls (22 percent) and being pulled over (20 percent). Other choices in the poll are overdrafts (12 percent), oversleeping (11 percent) and being called into the boss's office (9


"We're not sure why President Bush is leading the poll, but the mere mention of his name certainly pushes the panic button of individuals who use our Web site," said Randy Schuldt, vice president with IHateFinancialPlanning.com. "Some officials in the Bush Administration might panic if this were an election year," he added jokingly. The poll results will be final Sunday, and there will not be a recount.

(Web site: http://www.IHateFinancialPlanning.com)

Teehee. More Bush bashing. I think this might be a common thing for the next, oh say, four years. Assuming I have this diary that long that is. But still...this is funny. I wonder if I have any more Bush-bashing? Oh, I think I do....

This should be interesting for the White House postman. Half-a-million French households have been asked to send a shoe to President Bush. It's a campaign by Handicap International, one of the more active groups in the coalition to outlaw anti-personnel mines that won the 1997 Novel peace prize. "This is the best way to send a clear, vigorous and even insolent message to tell the Americans their position is unacceptable," said the Handicap statement. (A pity, but in French, the 'insolent' pun doesn't quite come off.) Asked why they had to be insolent, Handicap asked, "Why not?"

Told you I did. You have to love the French. Why not be insolent indeed. They rock. That's got to be almost the most amusing thing I've seen lately. Well, maybe not The most amusing thing, but pretty high up there. The other news snippets had something about Hilary Clinton & the St. Patrick's Day Parade, making plastic car parts from some sort of grass, and some equation which some AT&T guy has found 10 billion solutions for. Boring stuff. Barely worth mentioning. Anyway, it's a little after 5 am now, and I need to make my announcement and then go to bed or something.

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