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Purple Gorillas and Chocolate Theories

February 22nd, 2001 - 6:45 pm

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February 22 is .... Be Humble Day

This will be a new feature here. Every day which I do an entry has a "day" for whoever may have a birthday on that day. Other examples include: February 18 is ... National Battery Day, February 20 is ... Hoodie Hoo Day, and February 16 is ... Do A Grouch A Favor Day. Stay tuned for more odd days to celebrate.

Oh wow...an early evening entry. I haven't done one of these in a long time. And I know exactly why too. But that's none of your business. Okay, I think I'm going to go blind switching between the black that is my diary and the pale yet bright blue that is diaryland. So no more of that. While I try to remember what the hell I was going to write about, console yourself with...

The Word of the Day

sanguine [adj. SANG-badly]

Sanguine means confident or cheerfully optimistic. Near synonyms include hopeful, enthusiastic, buoyant, animated, and elated.

Example: "She was sanguine about the lack of chupacabras in the neighborhood and felt safe walking alone after dark." Sanguine can also mean red or blood-colored. Example: "A sanguine chupacabra silently stalked Sally."(aliteration rocks, well, almost)

Sanguine first appeared in Middle English as sangueyn (blood red), from the Old French sanguin, from the Latin sanguineus (of blood), from the root sanguis (blood).

The association of blood and cheerful optimism is not an obvious one today, but it made perfect sense to people in the 14th century, who believed that personality was defined by which of the four "humors" was dominant in a person's body. It was assumed that someone found to have a ruddy complexion and a cheerful disposition had blood as the dominant humor.

I still don't remember what I was going to talk about. Maybe the candy conspiracy? That's for later I think. Let's go with the purple gorilla and how it's connected to my bank. I have a computer-generated purple ape (Not Grape Ape, but close) living on my computer screen. Living in a figurative sense. He is available Here for downloading. If I did that right, that should open a new window. If I didn't do that right, then I'll be changing that pretty soon after I post it and you won't know otherwise. It's a kind of cute program, except for they make you pay for all the spiffy extras, something I refuse to do. I mean, they sound good, I'm just not willing to pay for them. You do get the basic program for free this way. Anyway...how is this connected to my bank? The BonziBuddy wasn't always a purple gorilla. It used to be a Parrot. That's not the important part. The important part is I saw this parrot last week or so when I was inside my bank for the first time ever. They had a touch screen with bank balances, etc. on it, and guess who was navigating everyone? That's right...the bird! I didn't know they sold out to big commercial places...no wonder why all their "add-ons" cost money. And even their discounted prices are ridiculous. For most things anyway. The cool part is you can make the monkey say whatever you want him to. Alright, time to move on to the candy thing.

This isn't really a conspiracy, more of a thought or a question. From before Halloween to just after Easter, candy companies have a constant flow of big candy holidays, with specially wrapped packages or special candy for each one. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving (sort of), which runs into Christmas, and after the Christmas candy goes away the Valentine's candy appears, and then Easter candy saturates the market. Yet from after Easter to before Halloween nothing. Not one big candy holiday that I can think of. Why is this? Any ideas? Tell them to the general populace Here, or if you feel less brave and would like to tell just me your odd theory, Do So Here.

I don't remember what I was going to put at the end, so I guess that'll be it for now. Damn faulty memories and their relation to Sean Waltman, Jesse Ventura, Britney Spears, Disney, McDonalds, & that Super Soaker Amnesia thing I stole from Somebody awhile ago.

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