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Credit Cards & Gubernatorial Issues

February 21st, 2001 - 2:02 pm

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Look, look! It's a daytime entry! I always get excited about the daytime entries b/c they're so rare. I don't know why I should be so happy about them every time I do one, but I guess I am. I went and played with my background and the older entries page look, so now they're different. Yay! Maybe if I figure out how to make buttons and things I'll make a whole page or something that'll be spiffy. Somehow I have the feeling that doing so would probably be torturous and nearly kill me, or at least my head if I were to attempt it. I'm doing something to my computer at the moment, so I'm down in the depths using public computers to write this. This means I don't have my little black book handy to peruse and tell me what I wanted to write about. So you're going to get random ramblings...aren't you lucky?

I'm very, VERY tired of getting these stupid credit card offers. They're everywhere I turn. I get them e-mailed to me, I get phone calls early in the morning, waking me up (already I'm in a bad mood, so of course they're going to get turned down...sometimes very nastily), importuning me to apply for their "low-rate" credit cards. Low rate? HA! I don't think 19.99% interest is LOW, do you? I also get them in the regular mail as well. And if I actually bother to get one of them, will the other offers cease? I think not! Damn credit card people who would like me to be deeply in debt for my entire life. Paying for college is debt enough thank you!

Anyway, while I calm down, here's...

The Word of the Day

modicum [n. MAHD-i-lun]

A modicum is a small or token quantity, usually of something good. Example: "It would be nice if the damn credit card companies had a modicum of tact and respect when soliciting people for their credit cards, but I highly doubt that'll EVER happen." Near synonyms include bit, little, minimum, smidgen, particle, grain, and iota.

Modicum first appeared in Middle English in the late 15th century. It comes from the Latin modicus (a short distance or time), a variant of modus(measure). The Latin root word modus also gives us the English words modern(pertaining to the present), mode (method), and modify (to change somewhat).

Hmmm...what else do I want to rant about? I could call this done I suppose. I think there might be something in my e-mail I can discuss though. Wait here, and I'll go check...

For lack of anything better (remember, no little black book, so there may be something better, I just don't remember it), we not-very-proudly present: THE NEWS with Commentary...although, not all of the news, just snippets.

Someone has made a film short about what Britney Spears might look like after gravity catches up with her. "Britney 2032" is a satirical look at what three decades can do to the world's pop princess. It was shot by Marc Sedaka for Cedarhurst Enterprises and makes its debut Wednesday on Warner Bros. Online Click here to View

(I have to say, I think this is hilarious. And I haven't even seen it yet. Anything which mocks the twit singers or boy bands "popular" today is fine by me. I thoroughly enjoyed the Blah Street Boys parodies, and have every intention of enjoying this as well. Although, wasn't 2032 one of the years for the Space Odessy things? If so, they're doing a horrible injustice to those novels. Those were respected books...they need to attatch Britney's name to something else...Planet of the Apes maybe. Anyway...moving on...)

It's official: reporters who cover Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura are "jackals."

On Tuesday, the governor's office delivered press credentials bearing the label "Official Jackal" to media outlets and said journalists will be required to wear them if they want to cover the governor. The badges-- which officials say are needed for security reasons-- include a full-figure picture of Ventura and the reporter's name, followed by the title "Official Jackal."

Gubernatorial spokesman David Ruth told the St. Paul Pioneer Press the design of the badges came from Ventura's second book, which is titled "Do I Stand Alone? Going to the Mat Against Political Pawns and Media Jackals."

I have to say, I think this is hilarious also. How Minnesota managed to elect him as governor, I'll never understand. Maybe it's along the same lines as Missouri, who elected a dead guy to the Senate. Maybe it's just some weird thing that M states have. I never did get that theory properly explained to my satisfaction. I have to give Jesse Ventura credit however, he's finally made reporters carry a name that suits them perfectly. Oh, I've got a question...how come Jesse is The Governor, but things to do with the office, etc. are "gubernatorial"? Who came up with that word anyway? It's Horrible! The first part, guber, is not a pleasant sounding word...in fact, I think I remember it being synonymous with snot when I was a kid, after spelling it differently. And the second half, natorial, sounds like a baby or something...so you end up with a respected position in our country which sounds like snot of baby....gubernatorial candidates are candidates for baby snot...this line of thought could lead to an interesting conclusion...or a really disgusting one. So, I'm going to stop here and you'll get to tell me on the message board what you think of this and other funny words.

P.S. I actually mentioned someone who used to be in the wrestling entertainment world. (Maybe he still is sort of?) That ought to make Somebody happy. Oh yeah, and it's about 20 to 3 pm now, so this is one of the shorter entries to date. A double rarity...short, and in the afternoon.

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