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February 24th, 2001 - 1:11 am

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Yesterday, February 23 is/was .... International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.

Today, February 24 is .... National Tortilla Chip Day

Again, I have sped up time just to do the symmetry thing. I think it's cool. And after that, I just sort of sat here for 15 minutes or so, totally negating the whole symmetry idea. Really, I should so make this random song day, since I finally got into my idrive and can actually listen to music there now because I broke down and installed Realplayer the other day. It's rather amusing. In the section of time between dowloading and installation, they came out with an updated version of Realplayer. No, I'm not lazy, why would you think that...? Why I practice denial to myself and the world, read...

The Word of the Day

cynic [n. BEAT-nik]

A cynic is someone who distrusts the motives of others. Example: "I am a cynic. This is not a very good example because it does not show you how the word is used in a sentence, but you don't read this anyway, so it doesn't matter."

Near synonyms include skeptic, pessimist, scoffer, faultfinder, phrilly slut, lawyer, politician and detractor.

Cynic comes from the Middle French cynique, from the Latin cynicus, from the Greek kynikos (doglike). The name is taken from the Cynics, a group of fourth-century Greek philosophers who advocated virtue and self-control, and who tended to point out other people's flaws. They are believed to have gotten their name from the doglike antics of one of their members.

Macy Gray has some good songs. I'm fairly glad she won. Sting deserved something for Desert Rose as well, which he did receive. And that's all I am going to say or intend to say about the Grammys. Oh wait, I changed my mind. My e-mail news had this to say, which I found amusing:

When winners and presenters met backstage with music writers at the Grammys Wednesday night, the No.1 topic was Eminem.

And everyone had an opinion -- with a few exceptions. When someone asked traditional folk album award winner Dave Alvin what he thought about the Eminem controversy, he replied, "I hate the brown ones."

This is the perfect opinion on this subject. Unless maybe you're Van Halen. Although I think maybe they didn't like the brown ones either, I can't remember what color it was. Everyone else has already said more than enough about the rest of it. I didn't even see them actually, but I've certainly heard/read enough about them. Oh, and about Dale Earnhart's death too. Why are Americans so damn self-centered? I mean, one athlete or celebrity dies and not only does everyone in America hear about it, but it's replayed over and over and over again on the news and it gets mentioned 20 zillion times in the space of a few weeks. I don't think a day's gone by since it happened that I haven't heard/seen something about it or in regards to him. And I don't even like sports, so much so that I almost go out of my way to avoid listening or watching them. So I can only imagine how much a true sports fan must be hearing this. And yet, when there was that terrible earthquake in India that killed multitudes of people and left thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of others homeless, I heard about it exactly twice. It was a very very brief news snippet and then there was someone soliciting donations for the survivors here. My question is why? Why did I hear about the death of one man, a man who had a dangerous profession no less, umpteen times, and only twice about the death of thousands? This does not cast a good light upon my opinion of the American people. Not that they had a particularly wonderful light before this. This just makes it worse. Like I said, I'm a cynic. And now that I've ranted and won't get any answer about it, some lighter news.

A very silly new trade war is erupting over the holes in Swiss cheese. New U.S. regulations are requiring the holes to be between one-third and three-quarters of an inch in diameter. The Swiss have taken out their rulers and found this means between 0.9525 and 2.06375 centimeters. "Blasphemy!" screamed the headline on the popular Swiss daily Blick, noting that a real Emmentaler has holes between one and four centimeters. Apparently, American devotion to sliced cheese means the holes can't be too big or the slicing machines go wrong.

This is one of the silliest things I've ever heard. Of all the things to argue about! I guess the Swiss have nothing better to do because they're "neutral" in all wars, which means no one starts anything with them. Besides, Swiss banks hold a lot of the world's money. No one dares attack them for fear of their money being held hostage or being used against them to finance the war.

Today I was reminded of the oncoming of Spring. This sounds like it would be difficult to do, since it snowed a few inches yesterday. But today, coming out of work, I was surprised to see that it was still light outside. This reminded me that it's February and that spring is fast approaching. No longer is it pitch black by 5 pm. I could still see the blue sky and the fluffy white clouds. It was quite peaceful. A small snippet of time when a peaceful communing with nature occured. Trust me, this is no easy feat when you're surrounded by millions of people in a city, which also contains noises and various other distractions. But for just an instant, the noise faded away and I looked up in wonder at the unexpectedly blue sky with the white, fluffy clouds, and I was in awe. It was great. And I can now conjure up that moment whenever I need to. Spring is great.

P.S. It's now 3:15 am, and I think I'm going to stop writing now and start fiddling with HTML and some other stuff, like guestbooks and things...aren't you going to be pleased?

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