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Reader Participation, Multi-tasking, and A topic Change.

November 7th, 2000 - 3:20 am

I'm Currently Avoiding:

I'm sitting in front of a blank screen and it doesn't say anything, nor am I inspired to fill it with words, since I can't really think of a topic to start with, or even continue with...basically, no topic at all comes to mind. Anyone got any suggestions? E-mail them or put them on the message board, and I'll try to rant about some of them...that should be fun, reader participation! Yay! I put some words down and I don't think they were horrible!

What else did I want to talk about? I really need to make a list or something...write them down at least so I don't forget all the bloody time what I wanted to talk about. I'm not entirely sure that I HAD anything I wanted to talk about this time, and that I wasn't just putting up an entry just for the sake of putting up an entry, but it's a possibility that there was something in particular I wanted to rant about, but forgot, hence depriving all you interesting people of more of my being silly and going on and on and on about something(aren't you glad now that I forgot?) Oh yeah, where was I? I really should write these things all at once instead of switching in between two or three or four chats plus maybe a game, and who knows what else while typing this...and only coming back to write a few sentences at a time before switching to something else. Isn't multi-tasking grand? I'd probably get it done faster if I just concentrated on one thing at a time, but I like multi-tasking! What's up with the modern idea that if you're multi-tasking then you must be extremely busy and also extremely productive? I mean, it seems like multi-tasking makes you SEEM as if you're really, really busy and hence that you must be doing lots and lots of things really fast. In reality, you're doing a little bit of lots of things so it probably takes you longer to do everything. I'm sure if I just sat down and wrote this bloody thing, it wouldn't take me more than maybe half an hour tops, but I can't just do this alone, NOOOOOOOO...I have to play/chat on Uproar, talk to someone privately there, plus talk to both Chad And Steph on his little thing while typing this, and I might even add a couple more people to talk to, as well as perusing my e-mail from time to time if I can ever get MSN Instant messanger to work again. Stupid Maintenance.

Sudden topic change. I got a calling card in the mail today, it had all the minutes I had added to it from my GTE Visa. The only problem with this scenario is I don't HAVE a GTE Visa...or a credit card at all. Which leads me to another point. Why do credit card companies have to call me and bother me with their stupid offers for lousy credit cards that no sane person would take? I mean, come on...Maybe, MAYBE mind you, the introductory rate is decent, and it's possible that it won't have an annual fee...but the interest rate? I mean, I've seen everything from 25.99% variable down to something like 12%...and that one might actually have been fixed. The sad thing is they wanted to give me that card with that horrible interest rate...something like 16% plus the prime rate, AND charge me an annual fee! I mean, sure it's a gold card, but Damn! And they Always have to call me at like some time I don't even want to be awake, and most of the time I'm not. So they wake me up, then they bother me with their speil, and then I have to get all pissy just to get rid of them...And they've gotten me so far awake by the time I get done being irritated at them that I can't go back to my precious time of unconsciousness, all because of some stupid credit card people I didn't even want to talk to anyway.

Another reason why I tend to take so bloody long to write these things is b/c I write a freaking novel every time I do one. Oh well, that means less updates for me. Which is part of the reason why I only have 200 people. But really, I am happy to have gotten so many in such a short time...although maybe it's just a bunch of people playing with the cursor trails, what do I know?

Song of the Day: "The Way" by Fastball(boy I'm getting good at these name/song things!) and the bonus song of the day is....(I'll put it in later)(It's Later): "Ironic" by Alanis Morisette b/c it's on the radio and I can't think of anything better or more appropriate at the moment...although nothing in her song is really ironic...but that's a whole other story.

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