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Realplayer and PETA

November 6th, 2000 - 4:55 am

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I think this might be a short rant, since I'm rather tired(gee, imagine that with my hours?) and feel as if I really should go to sleep...after doing my work of course. Because this is me procrastinating yet again...surprise surprise. I was trying to figure out how to get the URL and Image thing to work on my message board, but that was just a futile gesture. I sent an e-mail to the semi-idiotic tech support of the people who are responsible for the creation of the message board. We'll see how long it takes these twits to answer, although if I'm very very lucky, maybe they'll actually have a solution for me when they Finally get around to my question...which for all I know could be the next of Never. What else did I do today that I wanted to rant about? Damnit! Going senile at my age is pathetic, and no one really believes you've done it anyway b/c I'm too young. Sometimes I wish I was old, just so I could get away with things like that. It'd be interesting...unfortunately, one can't claim that you're senile unless you're old and have gray hair(people who are young but have prematurely-gray hair don't count...you have to be old damnit! It may count if you've got that one disease where you age prematurely...I wish I remembered what it was called, but I don't) Hmmm...what else?

I did do some interesting things today. I'm not entirely sure what they are or if they'd be interesting to the masses or the voyeurs who read this thing, but they were kind of interesting to me. I finally bit the bullet and made a webpage with beseen today. Spinfrenzy was driving me nuts, and I already sort of had a Beseen account anyway, I was just using it to upload things. But now there's an actual page there and everything. It has a scrolling marquee and sound...but it's not really done and I should write some more and I'm not really happy with the sound, or one of the marquee phrases, and there's some other stuff that I want to fix...basically it's there but it's not done, so you don't get the address for it. What else did I do? I fixed...shit, I didn't type what I was going to say fast enough, and then I got all distracted and I don't remember what I fixed now. I swear, I must be going senile, bloody memory. Why can't I remember things for more than 5 minutes at a time? Sometimes not even that. Maybe if I read what I was saying before that I'll remember what I fixed...or maybe not, sometimes a fondness for sudden topic changes is Not a good thing.

I still don't remember what else I fixed and now it'll probably drive me nuts for the rest of my awake time. Geez I hate that. Anyway, song of the day, (as usual, b/c it's on the radio right now and it's appealing to me) "Love Shack" by the B-52s. And the bonus song, which I just like and is not on the radio, nor has it been anytime recently, is "Mr. Roboto" by Styx.

What else did I want to talk about? Oh yeah...there must be some weird conspiracy to get everyone to use realplayer or something like that. Honestly, I tried to listen to something, ANYTHING by Edith Piaf(she's french, yeah, I know...blah blah blah), and Everytime I tried, they wanted me to use realplayer apparently, b/c everything I tried wouldn't work with any of the other music-playing devices I have on this laptop. Stupid twits. I don't know why they insist I use realplayer for it. What's wrong with Winamp and the one that comes with Windows? Are they not good enough? Does RealPlayer have some kind of weird deal where they make everyone download and use RealPlayer for their music needs, and in return, RealPlayer promises to sneak in little subliminal messages telling them to buy things from Amazon or whereever and to sell their soul to the Devil? I really would like to know..having resisted the RealPlayer trend successfully for awhile now. I still would rather not install RealPlayer, which I find too intrusive and obvious, plus the thing's huge, so I'd really rather Not have to be obliged to install RealPlayer anytime soon and keep the brainwashing to a minimum.

Oh yeah, There are these little tiny flies, I think they're fruit flies maybe?, that seem to be prevalent in my room. They never leave, I have no idea how they got in in the first place, they just seemed to "appear" out of thin air, and they bloody well Never DIE!!!! I swear, if I thought I could get rid of them by fumegating or something, I'd do it...they're just pissing me off, they're all tiny and such. And where the hell do they come from?!?! I mean, it's not like I leave an unscreened window open all the time for them to enter into my room and drive me up the wall. And they never Ever seem to die! It's just nuts. They never ever go away and they never die...perpetual irritation from the insect kingdom. I mean, it's November for pete's sake...Die already!!! And on that extremely cheerful note, I believe I'll wrap up my latest entry. It was an hour or so ago when I started this, so if I was tired at the beginning, I'm REALLY tired now...and "Drink More Beer" -Curtesy of PETA...who doesn't Really advocate drunken revels and drunkeness in general, but is really fond of animals, and thinks it's cruel to milk them apparently, even if someone didn't milk them they'd probably die...really consistant, aren't they?

PS...didn't turn out to be very short now did it?

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