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Magic Balls, Music, and a Grammar Lesson

November 5th, 2000 (yes, Again!) - 7:30 pm

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Hmmmm...wonder what I want to rant about This time? Maybe we'll have a surprise rant later on if I think of one...won't that be fun? Or maybe I won't even rant at all...it is Sunday after all. Isn't this supposed to be a day to relax and do whatever? Well, I did whatever today, I added yet another cursor trail to my diary, so now you can't escape the balls no matter where you go on this thing. They're technically called magic balls, I suppose b/c of the color change and the tendancy to pop-out and then re-appear, but they've been dubbed zombie balls by a firend b/c they're so slow, but they just never stop coming...tenacious, but slow, so that if you move the cursor enough they take forever to catch it. I know someone who absolutely hates these things, but Tant Pis! They're here and they're going to stay for a very long time...muwahahaha! And it doesn't really matter what other people think, because I happen to like them, and I'm all proud that I put them in all by myself with out having to ask anyone else for help...so there!

Other things...Daylight Savings time has caused it to get dark very early. This is a very good thing, since I like nighttime(Duh, No REALLY?!!? I would've never have guessed with a name like Mistress of the Dark that you'd like something like Nighttime! *Everyone who reads this begins to chastize me for restating the blatently obvious...Again!*) But now it's all dark and stuff by like 6 pm or so, which really rocks, since I'm quite fond of the nighttime. I have many favorite songs, but most of the time I can't think of either the title or the name of the band, and sometimes I can't remember either of them. So most of the time I pull my favorite songs off of the radio, they're not too bad, and they even have a thing on the web if you want to look at it. If you go here, you can listen to what I listen to on the radio. And that reminds me, this song is a good one, so it'll be the song of the day. "Old Time Rock 'n Roll" by Bob Seger(however you spell his name)...I know I had a bonus song of the day, there always is, but I can't think of it right now...maybe I'll mention it later. We shall see...

You ever notice that I have a tendancy to go changing pronouns on you without notice? I'll be going along speaking in the first person, where it'll just be me, and then all the sudden I insert something like "We shall see?" when there's still just me talking? This kind of indicates one of two(or maybe three) things:

1. I'm royalty like Queen Elizabeth II of England(Only time I've ever seen a woman actually be named after ancestors/mother, like they do with sons...you know Tomas Reginald Brown III, etc. Although technically Cleopatra VII was the one who slept with Caesar and Marc Anthony and killed herself with the asp, although she's always just Cleopatra and they don't ever mention that there were 6 others...why is that?)

2. There's someone in the room with me and we always compose this thing together.

3. (Most likely possibility) I am completely nuts and use we because

*Interruption* Bonus Song of the Day: "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones. Yes, I just had to do that while it was in my head and that meant right away, so too bad if you were looking forward to that sentence being actually completed in a normal fashion. We now bring you back to your previously scheduled spontaneous rant(yes, that is contradictory, and yes I realize it, but No, I don't care.)

....there's more than 1 person in my head and occasionally we write these together, and occasionally they leave and let me write it alone, and sometimes they just pop in for a bit, insert their two cents and leave. Also, occasionally they don't like what I've just said and feel the need to interject something or argue with me(usually in parentheses, although not always.) Makes it interesting, doesn't it? Or maybe it doesn't...no one ever tells me these things, so how should I know? (Hint: write something on the message board and TELL me if it's interesting! (or maybe that was just a blatent command rather than a hint...whatever works.))

Anyway, somehow this seems like more than enough words for this update, I may not even update again during the wee hours of the morning, or maybe I will...who's to say? Cliffhangers are always fun...till next time(assuming there's going to BE a next time of course!)

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