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Elections, Random Famous People, & a Triple

November 8th, 2000 - 3 am...thereabouts

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Okay. I wrote at the top of this entry what I wanted to rant about so I won't forget. And I should erase these things after I'm done so no one sees it, but everyone should know what I put up there, since I'm going to talk about all of them. I might even erase them as I go along. How's that for being organized? At least I won't forget what I wanted to talk about this time. Should make it easier...in part anyway. I may be scrolling up a lot, but I don't think I'm going to Tell you every time I scroll up, b/c that would just be boring. Does anyone ever wonder what b/c means and why I use it? (Yes, I also like going off on tangents) It means becaus and as for Why I use it...well, it might have something to do with the fact that it's a lot easier to write b/c than it is to write out because everytime you want to use it. My own personal shorthand...aren't you lucky? Why are you lucky you ask? Because (no, I don't consistently use b/c everytime...that would be too simple!) you get to learn my own personal shorthand...which will never be used en masse and most likely not even by anyone else you know.

Soooo...Elections were today/yesterday. It's still Tuesday for me b/c I haven't gone to bed yet, even though it's like 2 am. Wed. doesn't start until after I wake up in the "morning"...although generally it's not exactly morning when I wake up. Well, actually it is, but late morning, so I don't have to deal with it too much. No waking up at 7 am for me...nosiree. Anyway, as I was saying...elections were 'today'. No, I didn't vote. Why? Two reasons: I'm not registered to, even though I'm eligable, and I hated all the candidates. I don't even know the senatorial candidates, so I didn't really feel I could vote on them when I know nothing about them, including their names, and I hated all the presidential ones, so I just didn't vote. I was sick of all the stupid campaign ads too. Every presidential race I can remember has decried mudslinging/name-calling campaigns, and then they turn right around and start doing it. So they're all big hypocrites. And it's kinda funny how they have these big splashy ads about how Bush is against this and this and this, or Gore did this and was against this, blah, blah, blah...and then after talking about Bush or Gore for the entire commercial, at the end in tiny letters is says Paid for by (Insert name of Opposite Political party here, Democrats for Bush commercials, Republicans for Gore Commercials). It's amazingly weird to be talking about Bush for the entire commercial and then to see "Paid for by Democrats in support of Gore" at the end. And absolutely silly. Why don't the people in support of Gore fund commercials ABOUT Gore? And vice versa for Bush? And how come the only way I ever find out about third party candidates is through word of mouth? Don't they have anyone willing to pay for commercials about them? Anyway, enough about that...or was it?

On a completely unrelated topic: How come the only phone calls I ever seem to get are for those Aforementioned Credit Cards? I got a call today, and I was all happy about it, until I realized it was for one of those damn credit cards. Oh yeah, and one more thing about elections. Why do they have to have election night coverage for 20 million years? I mean, do they really need to do a minute-by-minute coverage of election night? And all because of the stupid elections, I got ousted from the TV room and deprived of my 2 hours of frivilous television per week. And I really wanted to watch Buffy & Angel damnit! And why are elections on Tuesdays anyway? Oh, and I have a better question: Does anyone know what happens if Bush dies in between now and January? Do they swear-in Cheney as president, and he gets to pick his VP, since the election's already been held and Bush is *technically* president, even if he hasn't been sworn in? Or do they do something like hold another election, since neither of them have been sworn in yet, and Cheney's not *officially* VP yet? Anyone know? Because I don't, and I really would like to know.

Okay, the rest of this is random, and has nothing to do with the elections, but just something I was reading today that amused me somewhat. Apparently, the Queen Mum, who must be a senile old bat, at nearly 100, tripped on the edge of the carpet in her sitting room and fell and broke her collarbone. According to the article: ("Had there been someone with her they probably could have stopped her fall, but Her Majesty spends most of the time on her own," her spokeswoman told The Times of London. "There is always someone close by, but Her Majesty has a life of her own and is not kept under constant watch." She added: "Everybody is aware that she is 100 years old and they keep things out of her way.")

Okay...so they could have stopped her fall, if they'd been close enough, but apparently there's this policy of neglect toward the ancient one, so no one was close enough to prevent her from falling, or even noticed her tripping? And...not only that, but b/c she's 100 yrs. old, they "keep things out of her way?!?!" I mean, does she not see well or something? And apparently they didn't keep quite enough out of her way if she tripped over the stupid carpet and broke her freaking collarbone. And the last thing I want to rant about...since this is already quite long enough as it is but I'm going to add more to it, is Arnold Schwartzeneger. Apparently Arnold has suddenly decided that Hollywood should cut back on the violent images. This from the guy whose specialty is things where everyone dies in the most bloody and gory manner possible? And what's up with him and end of the world scenarios? First End Of Days, and pretty soon The 6th Day, both of which came out(or will come out), oddly enough, around Thanksgiving and have the word "day" in it? I mean, is there some wierd conspiracy going on with Arnold movies that I need to know about? And why on Earth is he making yet another Terminator movie? The first two weren't irritating enough?!?! Alright, that's enough of that. *waves bye to the ghost and the ax murderer sitting behind you reading over your shoulder*

Song of the Day: "Fame" by David Bowie(in honor of the presidential elections and the other famous people I talked about in this one. Also, I liked Pretty Woman, even if Julia Roberts can't act worth a damn.) And the Bonus Song is "She's so High" by Tal(spelling?) Bachman, the guy who must be related to that guy from Bachman-Turner Overdrive from whatever decade that was when they were popular. It has nothing to do with anything, and it wasn't even on the radio, I just felt like using it. Triple Bonus Song of the Day: "Don't You(forget about me)" by Simple Minds. I love that song, and I had it in my head earlier...and besides, the Breakfast Club rocked!

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