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How To Procrastinate and more denegration of Mondays

Finally October 23rd, 2000? - 5 amish...why am I awake?

I'm Currently Avoiding:

How To Procrastinate:

1. Create diary and/or webpage.

2. Update and play with diary/webpage often.

3. Become addicted to some form of game.

4. Play said game as often as humanely possible, or until you can't stand to look at it anymore.

5. Try to type the title of what you're supposed to be working on.

6. Check E-mail.

7. Find another game to play and be addicted to.

8. Peruse other diaries/webpages at random.

9. Check E-mail & respond to one.

10. Update diary and/or(preferably and) do something to your webpage.

11. Play another game and/or talk to someone(s) on one or more various messanger services, even going so far as to find other random people who are awake at odd hours of the morning to talk to.

12. Check e-mail again, just to be sure you didn't miss anything.

13. Type a paragraph, or just a few sentences will do.

14. Leave computer to get drink/food/bathroom trip...any or all of the above will do.

15. Come back and repeat steps 1-14 sucessively until work is finally complete.

Gee...is it at all obvious that I'm procrastinating? Told you that was what this diary was for. Oh yes, if I ever actually get serious on this diary, shoot me, e-mail me, or kick me upside the head and tell me to stop it...whatever works and gets the point accross (preferrably with the least amount of physical damage however). News for my tiny, tiny amount of viewers. There is now a Message Board available for you to express your views of this diary, or just something in general if you feel so inclined. The link is at the bottom, a simple click (duh!) will take you there. It would be nice if I actually had some people who used it so I don't feel that the trouble I took to set it up wasn't worth it. I was right, btw...Monday's suck. Oh yeah, and the no sleep thing isn't helping...procrastination occasionally has its drawbacks. Hmmm...just so I don't forget how to do this (even though I wrote it down) I shall try to place at least one link into every diary entry...why? Didn't I just tell you people why? Why do you always have to question everything I do, damn you!?! Hmmm...I believe this entry I shall provide you people with a site to procrastinate at. That way, you can begin the addiction right away. Go here and become addicted to the trivia game. You might as well, what else that's better do you have to do...work? Go on, procrastinate...you know you want to. Also, Brad Pitt's Diary is good for a laugh or two. (HA! Snuck in two this time...didn't think I was going to, did you?) I doubt that it's really Brad Pitt who does it, but he's amusing at least, which makes him a cut above the other 3/4 of the people here, most of whom are just whiny little losers (gee, wonder how many people I just managed to offend with That comment?). Well, at least I should be able to get Someone to say Something about it on the message board. Maybe that was the whole point...or maybe there's some other bizarre subtext there that you haven't seen and it had another point entirely...how would you know?

New paragraph time at random again. I think the whole point(yet another point...boy this is getting sharp, isn't it?) was that you weren't supposed to know...kinda like how do you know what the author "Really" meant when they wrote such and such. Do I have anything else to ramble about? Probably. Do I want to get into it now...probably not. Oh yeah, good song for days like today..."Manic Monday" by the Bangles...yes the Bangles are passe, but this isn't your taste in music, but mine. It works well for sucky days like today. How come rants always seem to go on for much longer than anyone would like? Is that just part of the definition of a rant? I think so. Candles are pretty, peach and jasmine especially(non sequitor...although is it really if I tell you what it is?) Enough of this babble...and trust me, it IS babble for the moment...back to not-procrastinating...for as long as I can stand it anyway. Hmm...maybe I'll go check my e-mail first. Ha!

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