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Kleenex, Randomness and Illness

October 23rd, 2000 again? Didn't I do this hours ago&# - 6 pmish

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Hmmmm...what to rant, what to rant? I don't really know, and hence I believe this, in combination with the whole no sleep factor, will make this the entry that makes the least sense and is the most random. Or do I think better when I've not had any sleep? Anyone got a guess? Maybe I should change this from once a day to three times a day...once before dinner(or directly after), once around midnightish, and then once around I don't know, some wee hour of the morning before I go to bed. Oh yeah, did I mention I'm sick? Not in the twisted, icky sense, but in the..."Yes, I have a cold and yes it IS making me miserable, tyvm!" I've already gone through a box of kleenex. Why is it that certain things get referred to by their brand-names rather than by their actual names? I mean, Kleenex isn't kleenex, Kleenex is tissue paper...although isn't that stuff that you sometimes use to wrap presents tissue paper as well? But that doesn't look like the same stuff to me! (Ow! My head hurts...help me!) And Tylenol isn't Tylenol, Tylenol is aspirin, but a lot of people call any brand of aspirin Tylenol, or are those two completely seperate things? Anyway...I'm sure there are other examples like that, but I don't want to think of any so you'll just have to tax your own damn brain instead of picking mine.

(Insert random new paragraph here)

I like random new paragraphs...I think I might start doing those more often. I might even

start a new paragraph in the middle of a sentence just for the hell of it...(Whoops...didn't I just do that?) Between my cold, my headache, my lack of sleep, it being a Monday, and a few other things, I wish I could just erase this day completely and start over with tomorrow. Or maybe not...if I did that to every Monday that sucked, then all my Tuesdays would suck too. Oh yes, I did promise to keep adding a link at random didn't I? Well, I guess you'll just have to go play Jet Slalom then. I'll be glad when browsers become so stupid code becomes unnecessary. Until then, I guess I'll just have to randomly pick stuff up, sometimes by experimentation. Don't experiment! Drugs are bad! Picket Nato! Boycott the Boy Scouts those nasty little buggers. Oh yeah, and the Girl Scouts put strange addicting substances into their cookies, just like Necco does with their Thinmints*...damn addictive thinmints. Everyone should buy and eat thinmints...no one can resist their chocolatey minty flavored goodness. No, I'm not hungry...whatever gave you That idea?!? Sleep is for the weak and the sane. Bow down before the high and mighty ruler of the Realm of the Outer Edge of Sanity, located in a prime real-estate location between Bitchville and the Inner Realm of Madness. No, I don't make sense, yes I realize that, no I'm not going to change what I just said so it's comprehnsible and doesn't jump all over the place. I like jumping all over the place!(Not in public though...people just look at you like your nuts if you do that, and I don't want to spoil the secret. Shhhhhhh!) Are Puffs in any way, shape or form related to Puff the Magic Dragon? Is there conspiracy behind Thin Mints and chocolate in general? Does God really have bunions? All this and more on the next Dr. Joy Brown...

*Disclaimer: The person who is currently writing this is not in her right mind, and has not been so for some time now. Anything and everything she says may or may not be true, depending on her current frame of mind, hair color, shoe size, etc. She may not now or ever be sued for saying something completely untrue here or anywhere else for that matter.

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