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Weekend Past & My Evil Muse

March 31st, 2003 - 3:06 p.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: Writing this Entry

I guess I should update. Its been four days, but I'm busy being productive and such so maybe I won't really write this until much, much later. I have an urge to go back to writing other things. Writing other things is almost always more important than writing here and writing here usually comes second unless the more important thing I'm supposed to be writing isn't something I actually want to write. Then writing here automatically gets priority because of the procrastination factor. Speaking of writing - my muse is twisted and evil, I swear. It doesn't want me to finish anything. It'll give me part of an idea (usually the beginning paragraph or speech or I'll have enough of an idea for the first chapter (although one memorable time I had an idea that had to come in the middle of the plot without any real ideas how to get there)), but then I won't be able to finish it. Because I'll have a beginning, but I won't know where the story's supposed to be going. Its rather frustrating actually. Or, I'll be working right along on something (not knowing where its going of course), and then the muse is like..."Over here!! Over here!!! Here's another idea and you should work on it RIGHT NOW! And just to prove to you that you have to start this right now, here's the beginning! And you won't be able to get it out of your head!"

Like I said...evil. Which is why someone wrote me an e-mail asking when this one story was going to be finished. I took a look at the story. Since the last time I posted part of that story, I've finished 4 other stories, written 4 parts (3 posted) of a 5th story unrelated to the other four, and started a FIFTH story that is an original idea and completely removed from every thing else I've ever written. Not only that, but when I was reading this morning I had an idea for ANOTHER story that I remembered well enough to write down 3 hours later when I finally got around to turning on the computer. Of course, I haven't started that 6th one yet, but I do have the idea for it written down and its more involved than my story ideas usually are.

Anyway, enough about my evil muse and the problems I have with too many ideas and not enough time to write them all. Let's talk about yesterday. Err...and Saturday too. Yesterday's only worth mentioning because of my frog. I bought an African frog to keep my betta fish company. Then the betta fish died. Oh well. I've come to the conclusion that we're just not meant to have fish. But that doesn't mean that I probably won't be buying another one sometime soonish. I have to have company for my frog after all. Anyway, the frog proceeded to freak me out yesterday. He was just floating sort of spread-legged at the top of the tank by the temperature thingy. His eyes were wide open and he looked like he was dead. I was sad. So I tapped the glass just to make sure...and he was alive! He was being evil and trying to trick me into thinking he was dead. Not only that, but he did that like 8 times yesterday and I kept thinking he was dead. Evil little frog who cried wolf. The frog even had my sister thinking it was dead for awhile. It was sort of fun after awhile. I still haven't the slightest idea if this frog even eats anything though.

Saturday was like, family night out or something. Mom had to go to the accountant's for her taxes, I wanted to go to the library, and she wanted to see The Core, which had opened Friday. So we went to the library first, then Mom spent an hour in the accountant's office while we waited in the mini-van. I read and Cora bothered me like crazy after she went to McDonald's, bought an Oreo McFlurry, ate it, and the subsequent sugar rush hit her. So after that boring hour (I get money back from my federal tax return...whee!), we went to the mall to see when The Core was playing. It wasn't for almost another hour and a half so we went and ate in the food court that's across from the movie theater. Mom and I had Subway and Cora had a slice of pizza. It was good. Then, I had ice cream type stuff for dessert. Cora had wandered off by that time to Sam Goody, so we followed her. Then we all wandered around in Sam Goody for awhile before each of us found something worth purchasing and then it was time for the movie.

The Core was actually a pretty decent film. Much better than the previous two I saw and then proceeded to trash in my diary. I mean, its not spectacular, but the special effects were nice and the interior of the Earth was well-visualized. Some of the stuff was maybe a little too technical for me as well as others, but I was willing to just take what they told me at face value that way since I didn't know anything to the contrary. But what I liked best was the fact that it wasn't a completely senseless action flick. The characters were actually decent and well-portrayed. Each character had some quality that made them unique/relateable to. So all in all, its recommended as not a marvelous film, but a good one that will absorb your attention and engage your interest. Better than a lot of the drivel that's around.

Well, now that its an hour or so later, I think that's more than enough. Next time I write, it'll be April. Whee? Oh, and today I was all kinds of productive. I did dishes and made tea and made devil's food cake and I've been writing in addition to stuff on the Internet...I'm all up in here. Or something. Going away now.

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