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Yesterday Was Boring & Long

March 27th, 2003 - 5:31 a.m.

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Prepare yourself...I am about to babble. Or something like that.

Ouch. Some people's grammar and spelling just makes me cringe. And wince. And feel embarrassed for them. I'm not saying that my spelling and grammar is perfect by any means (it isn't, although I do try with the spelling most of the time), but if you were going to actually publish something that you've written on a website (especially a website where potentially a lot of people will see it), wouldn't you have the pride and decency to at least go over it with spell check? I know, that when that occurs spell check doesn't catch everything...especially homonyms. Things like since and sense are equally valid words, sound almost the same, but don't have the same meaning. So mistakes like that are forgivable. But I just read something where someone used the word "againced" instead of "against". That first one isn't even a word. Any half-hearted attempt at spellcheck should have caught that one. And its things like this that really bother the heck out of me. Hello, I'm the Grammar and Spelling Nazi, how many times may I point out your errors today? I don't know, I'm willing to let the occasional error slide, but the big, huge, glaring ones, and a high frequency of errors in one sentence/paragraph/text make me testy and I start to get annoyed. I want to, like, fling a dictionary in their face after awhile and go, "Here! Memorize it! And don't you dare write another word until you've either memorized it or found someone willing to correct your horrible, wicked, grammatically-challenged ways!"

Oh. It's an hour later. Must be pre-dawn because the noisy birds have come in to re-leaf the trees again. Not quite as many as that one day though. And now they've all suddenly and without warning ceased their chattering and buggered off. Yesterday was...well, I don't know, how about a tie between interesting and damn boring. That sounds more or less right. I went to bed around...7 am I think it was, and then was rudely awoken by my mother and my sister at 8:45. I think it was 7:14 when I went to bed? So I had an hour and a half of sleep. That's...a nap. Not even a very good nap. I was cranky and unhappy, but I forced myself to get up because the shuttle thing didn't come for my sister that morning and she needed to go to school. So I spent half an hour getting dressed and putting on shoes and such, only to have my sister change her stupid mind and decide that she *didn't* want to go to school and that she wanted to stay home and work on some project that was due that day that she forgot to finish. I argued about it with her for awhile because I'd already gone to the trouble of getting up and getting ready to go when I could have better spent the time unconscious so I bloody well wanted there to have been a point and purpose to my being so rudely disturbed. But after awhile I was too tired to argue with her anymore and its her life to screw up anyway so I gave up and went upstairs. I was going to take a nap, but I ended up reading instead so I didn't get any sleeping done. Then, about a quarter after 12, Grandpa was shouting at me because he had a meeting about wind energy that he wanted to go to. Thing is, the meeting wasn't until 1:30. So the fact that he was impatiently waiting in the car an hour before that (it only takes about 25-30 minutes to get to where the meeting was held), made me shake my head and be annoyed. But I rushed around to get ready to leave and we left about five minutes after that. Then there was a detour of about 20 minutes to drive out of the way to the nearest gas station (because the fuel light came on just when we started). Still, we managed to get there and find a parking space and I got him seated with five minutes to spare...and they started later than 1:30 anyway. So there I was, stuck at the American Legion Post place waiting for an indeterminable amount of time for Grandpa's stupid meeting to get over with so I could go home and take my sleep-deprived carcass off to bed. What's a girl to do?

Well, it wasn't so bad there actually. The meeting was in this big room, and the bar portion of the place was separated by a hall of sorts and the bathrooms. So I took a seat. I thought about drinking, but it just makes me sleepier when I'm already tired and I was driving later, so I just had a glass of water. I brought a couple books with me, so I finished "The Hunt" by Susan Sizemore and started a book I'd already read before. Eventually, (around 3:20 I think it was) the meeting broke for a few minutes and I went in to talk to Grandpa. Got him a cookie and half a glass of water, and then I went back to my table. After the people all went back into their meeting, I went up to the bar for another glass of water and ordered a thing of mozzerella cheese sticks. With ranch dressing of course. They said it would be about ten minutes, so I played a game of pinball while I waited. I knew as soon as I saw the pinball machine that I would have to play it. It was..."Scared Stiff" I think, hosted by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. And anyone who knows me knows why I felt compelled to play that game now. There was also darts, pool, and video lottery available for my boredom, but given my state of near-poverty and the fact that pool's not any fun if you're playing it by yourself, I opted not to play those things. I suck at pinball though. I was already well aware of this fact, but on the plus side, I *did* do better than whoever last played a game on that machine. Their ending score was somewhere in the 800,000s, and my score was over a 1,200,000 someplace. Too bad I wasn't good enough to hit 4 million. Then I could have had a free game. Well, after that my food came and I ate. Then I was bored and waited some more...and some more...finally, around 4:30 or so (they were supposed to be completely finished by 4 pm...that obviously didn't happen) the meeting was over and I fought the outgoing flow of traffic to find Grandpa so I could lead him to the car. After a stop at the bathroom for Grandpa we made our slow way to the car. Then we got in and drove home. I think we got home around 5:15 or so. I thought maybe it would be a good time to be on the internet since I never see anyone I know anymore other than Jackie online, so I did that. Oh, I forgot to mention...when we got home I couldn't put the car in the garage. There's only one control to the garage door and my Mom has it in her van because she's in and out of the garage a lot more often than Grandpa's car is. I'd left the door open when we left so that I could put the car back in the garage when we got home. But Mom closed the door when she got home, so I had to stop the car, get out, run through the house into the garage (yelling "Mom, You Suck!" on my way through), and hit the button to open the garage door so that I could park the car. I was annoyed.

But yeah, I got online, only no one I knew and wanted to speak to was on, so I looked at my e-mail quick and then got off. I was tired, it was 6 pm, so I went to bed. I remember Mom coming and asking me if I was going to eat, I said no, and then it was lights out for me. I was asleep until 3:30 am, when I woke up and was all coherent and stuff. So I did what I always do when I'm awake and its some weird hour of the morning...I got on the internet. And that pretty much takes us up to now. It's 8 am precisely and my sister's not going to school...again. She's got an upset stomach this time. That, and she's been awake since 4 am.

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