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Catching Up & Writing About Everything I've Put Off

December 18th, 2002 - 5:03 p.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: I don't know anymore, I'm exhausted even thinking about it.

I'm killing time. I shouldn't be, to be honest. I still have papers to write and things to put off doing, but I don't feel like doing them. What I'd *really* like to do at this point is go to bed, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. I'm tired. I haven't been sleeping well...or much lately. I still have all this stuff I need to do. It blows. I have a friend coming to visit me tonight (at least, I think she's coming tonight. She's supposed to give me a call sometime soon which is why I'm killing time) and I have lunch with another friend tomorrow, so I have to work around those events to write my papers and I have to pack too. Why can't it be like...two or three days ago now, only with the amount of work I've done so far still intact? Basically, I want a couple more days to do the things I need to get done. But I don't have them so I'll just have to go quietly insane or something close to that. *sigh* I want to see my friend, but I *really* want to sleep and get work done too. Ugh.

I've had more people call me on my phone in the past few days than I have all of last month, I swear. People keep calling me, and sometimes it interrupts my sleep, which doesn't make me happy. I was awake when my friend called me at 3:30 in the morning though. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but she obviously needed someone to talk to and I'm glad I was just a phone call away to fulfill that need, even though it meant that I spent an hour or so of time I should've been working talking on the phone instead.

Ummm...hmm. I wonder what I haven't written in this diary? Probably a lot. I don't think I wrote much last time and it was awhile ago too. Let me go check... Oooh. I *do* have a lot to talk about. Geez...some of this stuff was a week ago, if not longer. I don't know if I'm going to get to it all...there's so much of it.

Well, let's go and do fourth things first. I bought a Monet print online and I was very impressed with the place I got it from. It wasn't terribly expensive, I'm really pleased with my purchase, and they were very fast in shipping it out to me. So Saturday, when I was Christmas shopping I went to Staples and bought colored pens which make me giddy in addition to some of those new 3M Command Adhesive wall hanger things to hang my print. It's worked very well thus far...it hasn't come down from the wall yet at least. If it doesn't leave a mark or take some of the paint off of the wall when it comes down in a semester, I'll be even happier with it. So...here it is, all hung and everything. It's situated so that when I wake up in the morning and I turn over to look at my clock (which is probably annoyingly beeping in an alarm), I can see it. I like it there.

Ooohhh...pretty wall decoration

Admittedly, you have to ignore the fact that it's blurry and that you can faintly see my reflection off the plastic/glass covering, but you get the idea. I took another picture of the print with flash, and that did make it sharper and not at all blurry, but unfortunately it also made the flash glare off the covering to the extent that you can barely even tell what the picture is supposed to be of.

Every time I buy a new book I'm compelled to read it almost immediately and I have to finish it, no matter how detrimental it might be to my plans. I'll at least start it right away if not finish it. What's irritating about this is that I always buy a new book or two to read just before I fly because it's like a little treat or something for me. So you'd think I'd learn my lesson and buy them like the night before I fly or the day I fly, but no. I bought books last week, thinking that I'd save those two until after my work was done and I was ready to fly. Did that happen? No. I read them immediately, like both of them in a row because I was so hungry for some reading that was new and not for a class. So then when I went shopping Saturday I thought I'd look at the bookstore in the mall and see what they had there. I went, and then I bought two more books that I thought would be good to read on the plane. And what happens? I've read them both already. Well...that's not completely true. I read all of one and a good portion of the other. So now I'll be buying more reading material tomorrow probably. It's not a bad thing because I can never have too many books, but I shouldn't spend the money. Oh well, at least I know there's a coupon for 10% off at the bookstore someplace.

I've already mentioned Christmas shopping that I did last Saturday like 3 times in this entry so maybe I should discuss that now. It relates to number 7 too. And number 3 of course, but I don't know if I want to get into the second part of that. I've explained it to many people many times. I don't need to kill time anymore. My friend called me. She's not going to come to Philly because she actually has to work tomorrow and I can see why it wouldn't really make sense just to come and say hi to me for like an hour when I'm not really coherent as it is. So I may or may not be going to London later this (next) year. That would be interesting actually. I've never been to Europe and she said she'd pay for 1/2 the ticket there...if I can find a cheap flight. That would be cool actually. Then I'd just need a passport. We'll see.

Oh yeah. Sooo...Christmas shopping, almost all finished, guy hitting on me at the bus stop/on the bus, me being flattered, e-mail addresses exchanged. That's pretty much it. I could elaborate but there really doesn't seem to be much point. Instead, let me rant about the annoyances that were the "free" gifts and raffles in K-Mart when I was there. Okay, so I'm wandering around the store and this woman hands me a ticket and says that they're raffling off this free bracelet in 10 minutes and that it's worth $40. So I wander around and then she's announcing that its about to take place on the loudspeaker so I wander all the way around the store for like 2 minutes just to find this stupid woman and what happens? She makes me stand there for like 15 minutes while she takes a survey and tries to get everybody to buy her crappy jewelry from the Home Shopping Network. So she goes through her whole spiel, finally gets around to drawing for a bracelet I don't think I ever even saw, and of course I didn't win it. A complete waste of my time. And I was especially amused when, after trying ever so hard to sell 5 pieces of jewelry as a set for $50 (with a combined retail value of something like $300, $350 of course), she says that you can have any individual piece you liked on the table for $15. There was only one thing I liked, which was this crystal heart thing. It was pretty, but I didn't like the lady or the Home Shopping Network all that much for that matter, so I didn't buy it and I'm glad. So then I thought maybe I was done with the sneaky people who try to get you to buy things. But no. I was wrong. Ten minutes later they were talking about the "Free" gift anyone over 21 was eligible for on the second floor. Since they didn't *name* the free gift, I thought I'd go and see. So what happened? I had to stand and watch a demonstration for one of those knives that never go dull...I'm sure you've seen them. So I stand through that for another 15 minutes of my life that I'll never get back and what's the "free" gift I could receive? A juicer. That's right. A stupid plastic thing you stick in oranges. I don't even *like* pulpy orange juice! Screw that. So I didn't get my free gift, I just left and wandered around the store some more.

My sleeping schedule is fucked and I'm tired. Enough said on that subject.

I had dinner last Wednesday night at Nan. It was good, just like the last time I was there. This time I learned my lesson and had two appetizers instead of an appetizer and an entree. There was slightly more room in my stomach for dessert that way. Dessert was scrumptious. It was the special they had that evening...amaretto cheesecake. It was extremely light and milky, possibly the lightest I'd ever had. I was impressed. All in all, good food at that place.

And now, I think I've written quite long enough of an entry thank you very much. It's almost 7:30 now. So I'm going to cook, go buy something I need, and then eat, sleep, write crap for classes, have lunch with Julie, write some more, pack, sleep (maybe), write some more (and finish these papers damnit), and then it should be time for me to catch a plane. That should be fun. So I doubt I'll be updating again before Saturday, but you never know.

Is this entry long enough?

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