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Fun With TV Quotes

February 11th, 2002 - 12:57 a.m.

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I think I had something to say here, but I don't remember what. Did they have typewriters in the 1800's? I was just wondering. "Is there ever a bad time for pudding?" "There's more to marraige than carnal pleasure." "Where would you like these...sweet buns?" "Put them on my antique bun warmer." <---old lady speaking. "You shall watch as I bathe in their blood." "This has been a productive year for Braveheart. In the last two or three months, all his females have given birth." "Harem leaders take time out to groom their females. This is a good way for leaders like Braveheart to avoid domestic strife." "Bloody wolves chasing me through some blue inferno." "Listen to them, the children of the night. What sweet music they make." It was better when Bela Lugosi said it. Slower, and much more dramatic, but better. "Get Zombified on MTV.com" "Anybody knows, you don't have to have one to exist. The first miracle that Jesus performed was turning water into wine." "If you don't take care of the air in your home, who will?" "And that is the only reason I agreed to live here with the likes of you!" "I still think they're diamonds." "We's doing fine, at least, I's doing fine." "Depressed and bitter individuals who spend endless nights alone." "What we need to work on is that the rancher's needs are met." "And dancing is as spontaneous as walking." Walking is spontaneous? "Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing...we are family...turn the beat around...knock, knock, knock, on wood...I love the nightlife, I like to boogie."

The River is Flexuous

flexuous (adj. FLEK-shuh-wus)

1 : having curves, turns, or windings

2 : lithe or fluid in action or movement

English author Thomas Hardy was fond of the word flexuous and described his dark-haired Tess as the most flexuous and finely-drawn figure. Flexuous may be a synonym of curvy, but it's not the word most likely to be chosen these days to describe a shapely woman. The botanists' use of flexuous to describe plant stems that aren't rigid is a more typical use today. But don't let that tendency deflect you from occasionally employing this ultimately quite flexible word. Stemming straight from Latin flectere, meaning to bend, it can also mean undulating or fluid. It might, for example, be used of writing or music, or of something or someone that moves with a fluid sort of grace.

Oh, if anything up there didn't make any sense, just blame it on me changing the channel. And stuff that wasn't in quotes were things I said rather than the tv.

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