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It Could Always Be Worse... If?

February 9th/10th, 2002 - 11:51 p.m.

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Alright. I have issues. I already knew that, but whatever. I should babble about stuff. Blah. I don't care. Blah blah blah. The cat at home apparently thinks that my small stuffed animals are toys for her amusement. Damn cat. I still don't have a roommate and I enjoy it greatly. The Dark Half is a really freaking weird movie, but really, what can you expect from Stephen King? You can expect a weird, fucked up book and/or movie. That's what. Oh look, the word of the day has arrived. Spiffy. I need to buy some more water. The concept of buying water is a strange one. I mean, water is water. It shouldn't cost anything. But it does. Even if you don't buy bottled water, it's still not free. You have to pay for what you use in your home and stuff. It's just a strange concept to me. Have you seen those Scientology commercials? How can those commercials not freak you out?

Military Parades Defile Often.

defile (v. dih-FYLE or DEE-fyle)

: to march off in a line

You probably know the defile that is a verb meaning to make unclean or impure, but did you also know that today's word is a verb that is entirely unrelated to the more familiar defile? The defile that means contaminate dates to the 14th century and is derived from the Old French verb defouler, meaning to trample on, mistreat. Today's featured word, on the other hand, arrived in English in the early 18th century. It's also from French, but it's derived from the verb defiler, formed by combining de- with filer (to move in a column). Defiler is also the source of the English noun defile, which means a narrow passage or gorge.

And now, onto my rant. I haven't ranted in awhile, so this came as a surprise and I should rant about it now. Whee. Rants are fun. What's up with "It could be worse" and "It could be better"? What kind of phrases are those? I mean, it could *always* be worse and it could *always* be better, so what kind of an indicator are those phrases supposed to be? I mean, you'd have to start some sort of indicator scale within the phrases to measure how bad or good your day is. Things like, "It could be worse, if someone dropped a nuclear bomb on me this instant" would be more severe than just "it could be worse, if I was evicted" and "it could be worse...if I suddenly broke my leg." So really, the phrase shouldn't be "it could be worse," but instead should be "It could be worse if..."

As for, "It could be better..." It could be better than what? It could be better if I won the lottery, it could be better if I had a car that worked, it could be better if I made more money, It could be better if that monkey would stop stalking me. These phrases need to be qualified people!

I probably had more to say about this but I really don't want to write any more here so I guess this will just have to do. And if you think it doesn't, well, it could always be better if you'd keep your opinion to your self. (Ummm...not really, but just go with it, okay?)

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