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June 11th, 2001 - 3:50 a.m. (Time Zone Change)

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So Saturday night, when I technically started writing this, I, like usual, was watching television. I think CBS might've went nuts or something, (something being synonymous with getting paid a lot of money (or maybe not a lot of money, but at least some money)) because they put on...are you ready for this? "A Billy Graham Evangelical Presentation of...'Road to Redemption.'" I don't know if I was amused or frightened of that movie. I think it was amusing, even though it wasn't intended to be. Some of the moments must've been intended to be funny....I really don't think that the Mafia hitman singing "I think I love you" by David Cassidy along with the guy he roughed up and coerced into coming with him in order to find said guy's errant girlfriend who just happened to steal and lose $250,000 from her boss or something. Oh, and don't forget that the hitman specifically requested the only rental car they had with a working 8-track player in order to play that song constantly. The way they did the religious stuff annoyed me though. And then there were the commercials, where the Graham association solicited money from the viewers in order to provide "more quality films like this one"...oooh, and they'd give you a CD or cassette or hymns too! Whoopie. Just what I need...instrumental hymns. Why don't I just go to church instead? Then there'd be words to the hymns too! And I wouldn't even have to donate money to the Billy Graham money machine either. Anyway, moving on...I forget what day it is, it's just whatever day or two follows the last entry I did. I think. If I don't take even longer to finish this entry that is. Anyway, whatever-day is...

June 10 is ........ National Yo-yo Day (We're giving a day to Yo-yo Ma? What'd he do to deserve his own day? And a *national* one at that!)

June 11 is ........ National Hug Holiday and King Kamehameha Day (Hug Kamehameha! Hug the dead and mummified former king of Hawaii, before it was a state! Whee!)

Speaking of the movies (again), when I was in town the other other day, or whenever it was...it was when I was at the movies, yeah, that was it. Okay, whichever day that was, you know the one. Anyway, so on that day, we parked in front of the theater and there was this car. It was parked...well, just take a look for yourself.

Warning: This is my pitiful attempt at drawing, which I suck at. AND I did it on the computer, when it would have probably been significantly better if I did it with paper, pens, & a scanner. But since I don't have a scanner, this isn't an option. So instead you're stuck looking at an attempt to draw with a faulty mouse and little to no artistic ability. (P.S. the black blob thing is supposed to represent how the car was parked, even though the car was red and the yellow lines are the lines in the parking lot.)

Switching topics yet again...I much prefer "Touched By An Angel" for semi-religious television programming. Their message is always positive and kind, and they touch upon serious topics and how regular human beings deal with things, or fail to deal with things, as the case may be. The whole abortion issue thing tonight was sad. I'm rather glad that I don't watch that show all that often. And now...

Words, Words, Something Like That...

hackneyed (adj. kneed-in-the-crotch)

: lacking in freshness or originality

Hackney entered the English language in the 14th century as a noun. Some think perhaps it came from Hakeneye (now Hackney) the name of a town (now a borough) in England. Others dispute this explanation, pointing to similar forms in other European languages. A hackney, in any case, is a horse suitable for ordinary riding or driving--as opposed to one used as a draft animal or a war charger. When hackney was first used as a verb in the late 16th century, it often meant "to make common or frequent use of." Later, it meant "to make trite, vulgar, or commonplace." The adjective hackneyed began to be used in the 18th century and now is a common synonym for trite.

I have to say that I really must agree with Gawain. That whole Doppler thing is getting *really* annoying. I mean, it's not that friggin important people. Not only that, but you don't see other portions of the news advertised ad nauseum. There are no, "special sports radars" and commercials about how important they are in your life. We don't get, "up-to-date news coverage" on every sports event taking place in the world...that's what ESPN is for. And besides, we really *shouldn't* have that coverage...b/c, and take careful note of it...It's NOT That Important!

This entry is about to deteriorate into drivel, and all because Voltaire said "the superfluous is very necessary." Which is a good thing, b/c I'm all for and really fond of the superfluous. I make sure to include some of it as often as I can. Anyway, I now own a shirt which states in purple letters, "It's All About Me." I'm just saddened that I had to lower myself into actually announcing it in order to get everyone to understand that it's all about me. I don't know why they couldn't just take my word for it...Nooo, they had to have it in writing. Literal bastards.

More banality...why do all the really good cereals get cancelled for unpopularity? Who judges the popularity of cereal anyway? I mean, the Smurf cereal was great...it was yummy, sugary, and turned the milk a startling shade of blue. What more could you ask? But it's gone. Not only that, but there used to be a cereal called "Nuttin' Honey" which I really liked too. And where is it now? GONE! Yet things like "Franken-berry" and "(Fill in the blank) Pebbles" still remain. Why couldn't they get rid of some of that crap instead? Oh, and don't even get me started on that Reeses peanut-butter cup and the Nesquick cereal.

Oh, in closing, since I've run out of topics to babble on (and this entry's already damn long, AND I'm tired of writing), does any other state have those Think signs? The diamond shape ones in the ditches and things that mark the places where people who were either drunk driving or were hit by drunk drivers were killed in accidents? Or is this just something this state does to depress people?

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