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June 9th, 2001 - 4:43 a.m.

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So I went to a movie while I was in town today. (*gasp* no, she's not going to discuss her life is she? I thought that was forbidden! It is? Well what'd she go and change the rules on us for? Damn fickle woman. Always has to be changing things to suit her own purposes.) Actually, that first statement is no longer accurate. Damn starting things and then not finishing them. Actually now it was yesterday when I was there, since yesterday and today are...

June 8 is ........ Name Your Poison Day (Do I have to choose just one? There are so many worthwhile poisons out there to choose from, I don't know how you could make me choose just *one.*)

June 9 is ........ Donald Duck Day (Hmmm...Damn Disney and it's pervasive tentacles which reach into all corners of our lives and our society. Oh well, at least it's not Mickey Mouse Day. I might need that poison from yesterday if things keep going like this.)

Anyway, I went and saw "A Knight's Tale," which has been out for awhile now. I guess it was sort of vaguely entertaining in a few places. It was sort of a bad combination that has been gaining a lot of popularity in films nowadays...that combination of chick flick and macho-action-lots of explosions guy film. I don't know if I like this combination. In some aspects it's a good thing, and in others it's a very, very bad idea. It can be pulled off if it's done really skillfully, but otherwise, its rather annoying. I might be using annoying in too general of a way at the moment. I might mean other things too, but I don't want to explain or elaborate, so we'll stick with annoying. Anyway, back to the film. Like I said, it was occasionally amusing, but it doesn't get any points for historical accuracy. And what was my first clue to it being inaccurate? Let's see...maybe the first 2 minutes of the movie where they played "We Will Rock You" by Queen and the crowd was all doing that thing to it? Or how about a minute or two later when the crowd did "The Wave"? For a story set in medievil times, the music was strikingly 20th century. Oh, and they got Chaucer...The Chaucer, to be Will's herald. And he had a gambling problem. I don't know how accurate they got Chaucer's life down in the movie, but if I had to guess, I'd say not very. I don't even know if they got the timeline straight or not. Was Chaucer around when Edward, the Black Prince was? And were they both fairly young at the time? But the best part was when the female romantic interest was able to run around from whereever to Rouen to Paris to London, all without her father *ever* making an appearance in the film. Even though he was mentioned...once, so he had to have existed. I'm sorry, but if you were female you couldn't just Do that. There was no gallivanting around both France and England with nothing more than a maid to attend you. You were stuck with at least a male relative or protector and a guard(s). That's if you were allowed to go anywhere at all.

They should make some sort of declining scale for movie ticket prices...cause they're getting ridiculous. $7.50 for a night show per ticket? For the price of the movies for 2 (without counting added snack and beverage costs b/c of course the movie theater has a monopoly on that stuff so you can't bring anything in openly, b/c then they'd have to lower their prices for food and things.) you can just Buy the friggin video and watch it as many times as you bloody well please. And so many movies are popular for a very brief period of time and then linger in the movie theaters until they die a slow, painful death where no one goes to watch them at all. That movie I was in for example, has been around for a little more than a month, and there were only like 5 people in the theater other than me. So I think it would be a good idea if they would put into place some sort of declining ticket price scale. The less popular a movie is, the less they should charge to see it. And the more popular a movie is, the more they should charge to see it, up to the full $7.50. This way, I could go see a movie for less, and the movie theater would get more money b/c more people would go to see the movies b/c after all, it's so much cheaper to go see...(Fill in blank of horrible movie here) rather than to go see (most popular guick film here). It would be a good deal all around. But will it ever happen? Not bloody likely. Sometimes I wish I could organize the world...but what a headache that would be.

Why does weather always have to start on the West Coast and make it's way East? How come there's never a storm which starts on the East Coast and slowly makes its way to California. But no. The Storm Gods or whoever it is that controls that sort of thing, have decreed that all storms must begin in one of the 3 sacred-storm-making places, Northern Canada, the West Coast, or at the worst, the Gulf of Mexico, and proceed to go to the East, either North-East, South-East or just plain East, just so long as it's East. And of course it can't go from East or some variation thereof, to West. That would require warping and changing the fabric of the universe and of course that's just *too* much trouble for anyone to go to just because I'm tired of the way things are organized. There must be some frigger I can blame this phenomenon on.

The Word Of the Day

hypocorism (n. hi-PAH-zum or a-KORD-iun)

1 : a pet name

2 : the use of pet names

Hypocorism was once briefly a buzzword among philologists who used it rather broadly to mean adult baby talk, that is, the altered speech adults use when supposedly imitating babies. But what the Greeks likely had in mind with their word hypokorisma was simply pet names. (Pet names can be diminutives like our Johnny for John, endearing terms such as honey-bunch, or, yes, names from baby talk, like Nana for Grandma.) Hypokorisma comes from the verb hypokorizesthai (to call by pet names), which itself comes from korizesthai (to treat with tokens of affection). English speakers borrowed the noun as hypocorism (by way of Late Latin hypocorisma) in the late 19th century. Once the baby talk issue faded, hypocorism settled back into being just a fancy word for pet name.

Bah. I was going to babble about cereal for a bit here, but I'm damn tired of writing and I sort of need to update, so I need to stop now. Besides, in about 15 minutes I'm going to go look at the heavens.

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