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Paco says kill all americans! He understands.

2001-05-23 - 12:04 a.m.

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Chad F'n Ewerez comin back at ya and apparently we werent under heavy fire yesterday, eh? It was just Tank coming back with his beat up old truck and it was backfiring a lot. As I've mentioned him before, let me introduce you to the man himself. Tank Costello!

Tank: ah reckon, eff'n ah was told right, thet th' reason Im hyar, is t'tell yo' whuffo' me an' mah fambly haf joined this hyar group an' whuffo' we hate th'merican govment so much. ah doesn't knows whuffo' they chose me, Im not th' bess at public speakin' an' all. Fust of all, th' govment was out t'git us, they were allus tryin' t'close our farm down, sayin' we havent paid our bills, even though we had, cuss it all t' tarnation. Odd how th' govment now owns our lan'. ah hope they find whut they were lookin' fo' befo'e we take it back fum them an' claim it as our own agin. Mah brother'd of been better at tellyng ya'll whut was gwine on an' whuffo' we is har.

Jeb: Nah, you were doin right fine there.

Chad F'n Ewerez: Let me introduce everyone to the smartest man to ever come out of Alabama, Jeb Speaunteang.

Jeb: We aint from Norlins, ya dont have to pronounce it that way, thats just plain old Spintoon. Ah dont know what a Speoonteang is.

Chad F'n Ewerez: I notice you and your brother have different last names. I always thought the south was full of inbreeding.

Jeb: Its a family secret, best not to ask questions.

Tank: Wal, yo' see, mah Mammy had th' sex wif mah Pappy, who is Jebs Pappy too, an' then mah Mammy, adopped me off t'mah noo Mammy now, who is Jebs Mammy, atleast ah reckon thets how it went, Im not up on thet stuff, ah ovahheard them explain it t'other varmints a few times, but ah reckon thets how it went.

Jeb: *smacks Tank upside the head*

Chad F'n Ewerez: That explains so much. *sigh* Americans. Now let me introduce you to the man who puts the m in K-MARX...Paco Martinez!

Paco: Estaba parado en una esquina de la calle un día, donde me dijeron que para alinearse para el trabajo y mí gritara, Kill all americans, they must die!

Chad F'n Ewerez: Testify, brother, testify!

Paco: No soy seguro qué él acaba el decir, pero pienso que tiene algo hacer a mí con la matanza, yo era esta "Kill all americans, they must die!" el significado que pidió el trabajo de la gente en América, yo piensa solamente que mi primo dijo a mí que una mentira, porque éste no es trabajo, estos hombres capturados a mí y yo no sabe lo que él va a hacerme. No sé que él guarda llamar de mí paco, mi nombre es Hector, paco debe significar el esclavo en inglés, porque tiene que yo que hace el trabajo muy apenas para cualquier cosa. La única vez que parece feliz ellas son cuando el grito, kill all americans, they must die!

Chad F'n Ewerez: You can say that again, Paco!

Paco: No sé lo que él acaba de decir a mí, pero espero que él no me mate.

Chad F'n Ewerez: Ariba la raza, vato! Eh?

Paco: Ayúdeme, por favor?

Chad F'n Ewerez: Oooo, I know that! And gracias for your help, amigo!

Paco: Qué?

Chad F'n Ewerez: K then, let me introduce you to a very good friend, Willy Baker!

Willy: Hey yo, the american government framed my ass and said I killed this...

*sounds of glass breaking*

Everyone: *looks over in that direction*

Well, we need to end this right here and see what that was, eh?

Chad F'n Ewerez

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