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March 16th, 2001 - 1 am, but it was 12:45 earlier

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Grrr...I want diaryland to die. Or a new mouse. One or the other. Even a repaired mouse would do. To repeat. I did say I might have stuff to say later. Well, it's later. Earlier, it was 12:45, but it was still later then too. Which is why I had stuff to say. Diaryland is evil for one. For another, I'm going to find something else to write on, cause if I don't, Diaryland is going to drive me insane. Oh well, I did say it was going to be awhile before this entry got posted, even though that ran the risk of A. Diaryland deleting my entry, B. My computer going nuts and restarting itself voluntarily, thus deleting my entry, and/or C. Internet Explorer throwing a conniption fit, giving me an illegal error message, refusing to post my diary entry, and then closing the window I'm working in, thus deleting my entry. I was right, and one of those things happened, but why did it have to happen so soon? At least I hadn't almost finished it when it did that. I guess the first option decided to exercise itself. Damnit. I wish it hadn't. I should just start blaming the friggin cows for everything. And maybe the UFO sheep with guns and aviator helmets. Anyway, yesterday and today...

March 15 is ....... Buzzard's Day and Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

March 16 is ....... Everything You Do Is Right Day

The Word of the Day:

Ha! I fooled you! There isn't going to be a word of the day. Not that any of you voyeurs care. All of you would be quite happy if there never was a word of the day. But you're subjected to it anyway because I say you should be. Muwahahaha. Besides, I did have words of the day I could've used, but they sucked, and I didn't feel like using them. No one really wants to know anything about puppy or never-never land anyway. To be honest, very few of my voyeurs want to know anything about any of my words, but they're stuck looking at them anyway. I do it as a subtle form of torture and for my own amusement and edification. I could've used the words from that deleted entry, acerbic and parlance, but I emptied my trash about 1/2 an hour before I realized that what I had really sucked and I needed something else. Actually, I did find a word of the day which didn't suck, from March 15. It's ignominious, which has the following meanings:

1. marked with or characterized by disgrace or shame : dishonorable

2. deserving of shame or infamy : despicable

3. humiliating, degrading

I could put up the rest of it, but I don't want to, nor does this word get a pronunciation or etiology thing because it's an ignominious word. Ha. Oopsy, I just gave an example sentence. I'm not supposed to do that.

Oh yeah, what was I going to bitch about? Oh yeah, I remember. There's this thing on my sitemeter which kind of scared me. Two seperate people, both using aol.com did a search on google for "mistress + scratching" about 3 hours apart from each other. One stayed for 4 page views, but never left the page they started on apparently, and the other just had 1. This frightens me. Next thing I know, I'll be getting people looking for "Scott Hall Fuck." If that ever occurs, I'm going to be really really scared. Oh well, at least it wasn't Rhonda Sheer they were looking for. I'm still kind of wondering what happened to her. She kind of dropped off the face of the planet. Oh yeah, and there was someone who was here yesterday for 53 minutes and 9 seconds, but only looked at 5 pages. They could've left a message if they were going to stay that long.

How come the Post Office had to go and raise stamp prices? I know this happened awhile ago so I should've bitched about it then, but then I didn't need to mail anything. (An indication of how often I need to mail stuff with postage...they raised rates in January, I'm bitching about it 3 months later...) I mean I bought a 20 stamp book thing last year and I'm all the way up to stamp 5 now. But now I have to go buy stupid 1 cent stamps b/c the post office just had to make that extra 1 cent more off of me. But I really don't want to go to the trouble of going to the post office, demanding 16 cents worth of stamps, and coming home with my little stamps in hand. At the rate I'm going through the stamps though, they'll have raised the rates at least another time before I get through the book I've got now. It wouldn't surprise me if rates go up again next January. Might as well make it a nice $.35 per stamp after all. Then you don't have to get rid of all your pennies at the post office. Besides, isn't that what they did when stamps were .29? They raised it to $.30 the next year for no apparent reason? Yeah, so now I have to go to the post office. Yippee. Bah. I think I'm going to go away now. Yeah, that's what I'm going to do.

The Song of the Day: "My Lunatic Friends" by Deathray, because everytime I hear that song, I can't stop laughing. (And I wish it was on now.)

P.S. It's now 2:30ish in the am. More or less.

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