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Halloween, 100 visitors, & "Fun"

Halloween, 2000 - 3:30 am

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I did say I was going to mention Halloween in my next entry...is the fact that it's in the day up top enough for you? No?!?! Greedy bastards!...well, fine, I guess we'll just be nice and acquiesce(Ooooohh...big words!) to the demands of the rabble, as well as the demands of the little voices inside my head and ramble more about Halloween, since just mentioning it doesn't seem to be enough for you people. Halloween used to be such fun. I guess it still is, but I haven't done anything for it for years, so that makes me old...right? Damn...I knew it! What'd I have to go and do that for? Anyway, time for the sappy sentimental story that really doesn't have any place in this diary, since none of it has been sentimental thus far, but treat it as a bizarre deviation from the norm (yeah, yeah, I know...define "normal"...Can't do it, can you?) rather than the standard from henceforth. Anyway...I digress(when don't you? Good question! thank you, I certainly thought so.)

So, to begin...when I was little Halloween rocked. The best Halloween I ever remember was when there was this giant blizzard on Halloween. It was really cool, b/c the snow came up so high...almost to our necks(yes, we were tiny, but it was still a couple feet of snow). Since there had been so much snow that day, there was almost no one out trick-or-treating. It was a feast for our tiny eyes...since no one expected very many people, we got tons and tons of candy(exaggeration of course, but it seemed so at the time)...and then we got to take it all home with us and play in the snow while doing it. Basically, it just kicked ass. And the snow was all clean and fresh and sparkling...you know, the kind just spoiling to be jumped in and made things out of. It was a good time that I remember fondly...okay, now enough sentimentality...back to the interesting stuff that's supposed to be amusing, occasionally is, and occasionally isn't.

Oh yes, I suddenly had a deluge of people after I posted when I was at 93, and all the sudden I was at 109...amazing, isn't it? Curtesy of a bunch of random people I believe I acquired due to an extended stay at diaryland chat, where I didn't really say anything to anyone, except a few people in private who I contacted at random. One of whom was an irritating twit with the charming nom de plume of "faggot" who told me he found my playthings irritating...my response to this being something along the lines of "Who cares?" He did however say, "I'll be damned." So I'm assuming people who are actually decent won't be seeing him in the next life(assuming there is one and/or you believe in it). He seems to be a very confused fellow...and very limited in his vocabulary. Maybe he's really just a trained monkey who can type limited responses, no matter what the question. Sounds about right to me. Anyway, there's a party, as promised on the message board...so go there...and leave a message while you're at it...I don't have these things solely for my own amusement you know(although that was a big determining factor!)

So...again, no one answers me. I was looking for a replacement word for Fun, but no one seemed inclined towards giving me any suggestions for a Replacement Maybe next time I should leave these things up for a few days instead of a few hours? Nah...that can't be it! But still...anytime I ask for suggestions, no one listens to me! Do they think all these questions are rhetorical and for my benefit alone? If they do, they're twits and need to be flogged or some other such thing. I've been writing for quite long enough now...ANSWER MY DAMN QUESTIONS!!!!!! Or Else!

And Happy Halloween!!!

P.S. Why is Halloween still celebrated? Why is Columbus Day still celebrated for that matter? And why is Mexico called Mexico? What's "Mexico" mean anyway? And what language is it from? Any one got any ideas?

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