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The New Canadian Revolutionary

2001-01-04 - 10:02:33

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stand and show respect for MY canadian national anthem, you american pigs! ahem...

O Canada!

Our home and native land!

True patriot love

in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts

we see thee rise,

The True North

strong and free!

From far and wide,

O Canada,

We stand on guard

for thee.

God keep our land

glorious and free!

O Canada,

we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada,

we stand on guard for thee

Finally, Chad Ewers has returned to diaryland and subsequintly the internet, I havent been on diaryland since dec. 1st and I havent been online in two weeks, its time to discuss the reasons. My mentor, James Duggan, spent three months in Canada, before the USA election. He didnt want Al Gore to win, so he cast an absentee ballot and took off and waited for the election to happen and as soon as he realized that it was a teeter tater situation, he came back to fight for G-dub and you all know how that turned out, when I saw that it came down to those two goofs, I didnt like it and decided it was time to do like Alec Baldwin said he would and split, but I had to finish up a couple of things before I did so. first, I had a problem, the person whos been the most loyal to me, all my life, a man only known as Deicider tried to stop me from relocating to a much better place, I was forced to kill him and some how the police found out, so there was no better time to relocate than then. I took off to the beauty of Canada, staying with my plans to relocate if the wrong guy, or guys were to win or come close as it were, unlike that spineless american Alec Baldwin and since Ive joined Team Canada, Ive come to love this great nation, I almost dont want to come back in four years, well, actually, with the FBI, CIA and NSA after me, I might not be able to come back in four years, oh well, I'll be glad to stay here, its so beautiful. People of America, you elected a moron and voted for the husband of a Nazi Dendrophiliac and a person who I had a running mate who I suspect was a Censorship supporting Dendrophiliac and at the very least was just a Censorship Supporter, so Americans, Kiss my ass! American Authorites, Find me if you can, Extradite me if I let you!

From a true canadian,

Chad F'n Ewers

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