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Amusements & Weird Relatives

December 3rd, 2003 - 5:22 p.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: Whackjob relatives (for the moment).

So it's December now. What's up with that? I noticed something. I updated more in November than I did in October and September combined. Go me. Maybe it's a new, alarming, trend. We'll see.

Things to amuse you:

This was kind of funny. I think I watched it about 3 times in a row. So it was entertaining. It's a parody of those "Think Different" Mac commercials where they tell "stories" about how people who switch from Windows to Mac suddenly have their lives changed for the better. It's great fun.

Also, This is also greatly amusing. It's "The End of the World", and I'm sure some of you have seen it already, but it's worth waiting for it to load (which I'm told can take a while if you have dial-up). I just find it very perversely amusing. Also, you may have to hit refresh before it'll load at all. It's just a little testy I guess. But still amusing.

I could put that scary Love Lump thing up here, but it frightens me, so I'll move on.

Let's see... what have I been doing lately? I've been Super Tired a lot lately, which sucks. We had FOURTEEN! people over for Thanksgiving dinner last week. That was a lot. Three people, my aunt and two of her children (who are twin girls), came from Arizona/Colorado to attend. They came...Wednesday night, I think it was, and stayed until very early Saturday morning. Thanksgiving generally was pretty good. There were too many people though so I got a headache. I think I went upstairs to escape all of the noise after my cousin and her husband left around 6 or 7 pm. So then I went to bed not Too long thereafter. It was good, except for the part where I was awake by some terribly early hour afterwards. And then, when I went downstairs because I was hungry, my aunt sort of accosted me and talked to me for like an hour and a half. That part wasn't very fun. But they left Saturday morning and ye there was much rejoicing.

Then, Saturday night, I bullied everybody into going to see a movie. We went, ate, and then saw Timeline. It was...okay. It wasn't super stellar omg I'm so moved, but it didn't make me feel like I was cheated of my money and my time either. It was...fairly predictable. There wasn't anything super exciting about it aside from a piece of eye candy or two. I pretty much had gathered that ... (Person's name omitted to avoid spoiling the movie) was going to stay in the past well before the end of the film. I guess it was kind of interesting how time still played out even with the addition of time travelers. Other than that...meh. It wasn't a big deal.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go over to my great-aunt's house and house-sit for her. And then I'm supposed to do it again on Friday. Why? I have no idea. Probably because she's Not Right in the head and has some weird idea about people coming upon her house (which resides in the middle of nowhere, btw) and stealing her things. She doesn't want any cars over there, so she's coming to pick me up (because she wants to fool the potential thing-stealers into thinking no one's home when there's actually someone there?) tomorrow at 12:30. Then I get to sit around and play on my laptop or read or whatever I feel like doing until she gets home. And what is she doing? She's going to get a perm one day and going grocery shopping the next. Obviously she can't leave her house unattended for so much as the 3 or 4 hours it might take her to do so (probably less). I guess I can't complain however, because I get $10 a day to do this. Easy money. I'm sure it won't be fun, but it'll at least give me money for doing essentially nothing. I'm not expecting anyone to break down her door and rob the place while she's gone. What a whackjob she is. Anyway, that's the news in the land of me, and I'll be going now.

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