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Essentially What I Did Over The Weekend

May 13th, 2003 - 3:44 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: Sleep, sleep, glorious sleep...

I've been playing way too much Super Nintendo emulator lately. Specifically, I've been playing RoboTrek too much. I'm on like level 28 with my whole robot deal and I've conquered all of South Island. I don't know how far that is in the game, actually, but it seems damn far to me. The only thing is I can't figure out how I'm supposed to reveal the Mayor as a fake. Oh well...I'll figure it out or look it up later. Probably the latter, but maybe I'll be patient. It doesn't help that I have this catchy background music from the jungle village place stuck in my head either. Completely...something. I forgot what.

Mother's Day was all right. I cooked and did dishes. But Mother refused to be cooperative and name anything special she wanted to eat. So we just had spaghetti and Pillsbury crescent rolls instead. It was pretty good, but I made too many noodles because I forgot how many servings I was supposed to put in for 4 people. Call me absent-minded, you'd probably be right.

Mmm. What else do I have to say? Did I ever say anything about going to see X-2? *goes to check* Oooh. Apparently I did. Quite a while ago too. Silly me. My sister's birthday is tomorrow (Wednesday). I bought her a book, but it's still lost in shipping someplace with the three books I bought for myself and most likely won't get here on time. So I'll just tell her she has a book coming or something so she doesn't think I completely forgot about her.

Also, while I was having a mini-shopping spree because tax-refund money is sitting in my checking account (yay refunds! *does a happy dance*), I bought a pair of pants. I fully expect these pants to be too long. Because everything else I've bought lately that was 30" has required the use of boots to wear properly. But they didn't have them in "petite", and I certainly didn't need them in tall, so I bought them as they were. They're pretty much designed to be worn with boots anyway. And I liked the look of them, so it'll be good if they ever ship the damn things. Of course, I only ordered them on...Saturday? Early Sunday? One or the other, so I shouldn't realistically expect them to have been shipped already. But I do. Because I'm all about the irrationality. Meh. They said 6-10 days I think after they ship it. So I shouldn't be expecting them any time soon. But I still look forward to the box, even when I know precisely what is in it. I think I've said this numerous times. But it bears repeating because it still is, and ever will be, true.

My writing is going a bit better. I finally had a decent day of writing...Saturday I think it was, and got a thousand words or so done on it then. Of course, it hasn't gotten much farther than that since then, but I can at least explain why that's so. And I did do a bit of work on it today. At some point in time at any rate. I don't remember when it was, but I know I did work on it a little. Which is always better than nothing. At least it'll get finished eventually as long as I continue to work on it, even if it's only a paragraph a month (and I'm nowhere near that slow normally).

Uhhh....I can't think of anything else to say. I've been awake since 11:30 am more or less. More like noonish, but I don't know why. That's almost 17 hours, which is entirely too long. So my brain is pretty much mush. If I wasn't holding a conversation with a friend at the moment, I'd probably just go to bed. I watched "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer" earlier. It was pretty interesting. Of course, I never saw "Rose Red", so that sort of spoiled it. I want to know what happens in the original? one now. Of course, I could just go read the books someplace, but the television versions are easier. Or at least less work for me. I'd have to actually *find* the books otherwise. Anyway, yeah. That's pretty much it for things lately. I'll probably write again in a few days after my sister's birthday and the lunar eclipse. I'm going to watch that thing. I might even take pictures. I've never seen one before...that I remember anyway.


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