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May 8th, 2003 - 2:41 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: My Writing. But I'm not happy about it.

According to a certain test, I have been consigned to the 3rd Level of Hell. Apparently, I have been put there because I like food and I have neglected to conserve things by recycling (which isn't even available in the Middle of Nowhere to begin with). The best you can do on this test is Purgatory, so I wasn't really expecting anything spectacular. At least I didn't score very high in the Traitor's level like certain people I know. Apparently, I am highly malicious and violent though. Because Some People Deserve To Die. Not all of them, just some of them. On the plus side, I get to spend eternity with a three-headed dog and in weather I actually like (cold, rainy, pretty much depressing). Maybe that test didn't do such a good placement job after all. I can understand why I scored high on the 7th level of Inferno, though.

I think that was the extent of my sharing. Oh, and I'm Mario when it comes to Nintendo, but Chad was right, the choices were obvious. Also, my New Year's Resolution is apparently to stop being smug and superior (essentially get better friends). I like my friends fine...at a distance.

And now, I may try to get some work done on the chapter which is going lamentably slowly. I've been done with chapter 4 since Sunday morning and I've don't only a meager 200 words thus far. I normally write faster than this. I think. Maybe I got all excited and now I'm going to just slow down. We'll see. Or at least I'll see and if I feel so inclined I'll share it here. Or I could go to bed. Bed is good. I keep trying to go to bed at a decent hour and it's not working. Well, it sort of is. The night before last it was 7 am, last night it was nearly 5 am (would have been a little earlier if the cat hadn't been annoying), and tonight? Well, tonight, who knows. If I was sane, I'd go upstairs now seeing how it's nearly 3 am, read a bit, and then go to bed. But then again...I haven't claimed sanity as a defining feature in awhile.

Oh, I've spent a lot of time lately playing SNES games with an emulator. Super Mario All-Stars kicks ass. Well...mostly. I sort of miss the really old school graphics of the NES. At least for the games I really liked when I was younger. I still remember when the graphics for Super Mario Bros. 3 were exciting and special. I think it was the turning into stone and flying that made it such a good game. Tonight I spent like four hours playing SMB2, the really weird one with all those damn shy guys and those flying things with pitchforks that piss me off. I think I'm now further on that game then I ever got when I was a kid and I haven't even really cheated...much. Not at all, really, except for the ability to save anyplace in the game I feel like saving at. That's the only difference. I don't have to start over on the first level of the world after I die five or more times.

I could even pick up Paperboy if I wanted to...but I doubt I will. I'm happy enough with my 4 or so Mario games and this other one I can't remember the name of that's kind of cheesy but amuses me...at least it would if I could figure out how to get that stone from that damn vampire guy! Yeah. So that's what I've been up to lately and now I'm going away. More sometime...eventually.

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