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Family Shopping Trip

April 8th/9th, 2003 - 12:41 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: Being Disconnected...Not That Its Working.

Yeah. Ermm...what? Oh, the internet still annoys the crap out of me for disconnecting me once every 2.3 minutes. But I've become fatalistically resigned to it, so I just have ceased to care anymore. Or at least I'm not letting it bother me too much. It gave me a good story idea at least. And I spent time talking to the nice tech support people today. They weren't all that helpful, but we did decide that maybe it was the line clicking that went on during the last time I was talking to them. That could be the connection skipping or dropping or something, so they're sending someone out to look at it. The gophers probably chewed the lines or something. Hopefully it will be a problem with their phone lines instead of with our equipment. They get pissy and charge you for a service call if its your equipment that's at fault. They're supposed to call before they come, so hopefully they'll call tomorrow and fix everything, and then I won't be this close to strangling something.

Yesterday, Mom had to take my sister to the dentist because she broke her filling and was all in pain. So I went with them because her appointment was at 4 pm and I felt like it. We drove there, I waited in the car, and like 5 minutes later they were back. I was surprised by how fast that was, but apparently they didn't do anything other than check her teeth to see what exactly it was that she'd done and then schedule another appointment for her.

Then we went to the mall. We were in Walmart for awhile buying uninteresting stuff like cat food and shampoo. Then, Cora wanted to go to Sam Goody for awhile because she like...lives for that store or something. She always wants to go there because she's a big fan of Dragon Ball Z and CDs. Oh, and occasionally Playstation 2 games. Mom bought Pacworld 2 for some, completely incomprehensible raeson, and Cora bought a CD. I pretty much did nothing. Except serve as a free hand for Cora as she did stuff that required leaving the store and then there was a lot of holding of her cookie dough waffle cone. Then we went to Herberger's (I think that's how its spelled), which is some weird department store sort of like JC Penny's, Yonkers, etc. You know, generic department store. There I spent a lot of money on a 3-piece suit. I'll take pictures sometime. The pants are slightly too long, but then again, they almost always are when I shop in the misses section. That is why boots were invented. But boots don't go well with a suit, so I'll get Mom to hem them or do it myself. Either way is possible. Its machine wash, which is good because there's no way on earth I want to spend money on dry cleaning after every time I wear the damn thing. It was interesting...everyone bought something there. Mom got a spring type dress/matching jacket set and Cora even got a dress that looked really nice on her and was on clearance. And Cora doesn't even wear dresses normally. It was interesting. Like, a family shopping trip where we all bought clothes. It was almost unreal. Now I'm going to hurry up and post this before the internet disconnects me again.

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