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Strawberries Are Good...Spring Has Sprung

March 24th, 2003 - 1:02 p.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: The Sunshine Outside

For some reason, I thought the last time I updated was in the daytime some where. Maybe I mentally ranted yesterday and then I thought I actually wrote it down and made it a diary entry, but I didn't. I was going to whine about how tired I was and why I was annoyed, but I guess I'll just do that now instead. Ha. Maybe I've just lost my marbles. Or my mind. Maybe both. I don't think I really have any marbles...I just didn't like them all that much.

Mm. Yesterday, I was annoyed. My sister and I had made plans to go to the early matinee (1 pm-ish) at the movie theater. Additionally, there were plans made to visit Wal-Mart to obtain some sort of companion for my betta fish because he seems lonely. And my sister wanted to buy some colored pencils. Also, I wanted to go to the library because books are happy things and the last time my aunt was here she made me curious about this one series she brought with her and I wanted to see if they had any of the books of the series there. But alas, alack...the library is not open on Sundays in Aberdeen. I was annoyed. Damn libraries not being open when I want them to be.

So anyway, I was going to go take a nap before we had to leave (which would have been around noon), but when I tried I couldn't get to sleep and my mind wouldn't shut up so I was unable to sleep before hand. That annoyed the heck out of me. Insomnia really sucks sometimes. So I was annoyed by being tired and cranky and things. And I tried to get everybody to leave early, but no such luck. Then my sister didn't get up until noon when we were supposed to leave and she wanted to take a shower first before she went and that meant it was impossible to go to the one o'clock movies. So instead we went to the 3:45/4:00/4:15/4:30 set, which just pissed me off because it took forever and there were hours upon hours I had to wait and do nothing.

So we did go to the movies. Mom and my sister went to "Bringing Down the House" and I went to "View from the Top". I don't know if I liked the movie I saw. It was okay, but rather simplistic and sort of mundane. It wasn't even funny all that often or terribly romantic either like that last movie I saw in the theaters (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days). I guess it would be okay to see on video, but it wasn't really worth even the matinee prices. The funniest thing was at the way end (I'm talking credits end here), where they took a song I knew that I can't remember the actual name of, and changed the words so that it fit the whole stewardess royalty airlines theme of the movie. And the gay guy was good for comic relief on occasion too.

Anyway, after that, my movie was over with but theirs wasn't, so I wandered around in Walmart for an hour before I found them. Then I was tired so I went to the van and laid back in the seat until they got there. They went grocery shopping, again I stayed in the van and slept. Pretty much keep that pattern until we got home, where I deposited the african frog in its new home and went upstairs to nap before supper. Supper was Tuna Helper, which was really...icky because Mom screwed up cooking it somehow and it was really thin and watery. I think maybe she didn't boil it hard enough or long enough or something. It just wasn't a good thing. So I ate and felt icky and then I went back upstairs and went to bed. I woke up at almost 7 this morning and I'm still tired. Its annoying. I took my sister to school this morning because she missed her ride (big surprise), and then went to the grocery store over there. I needed to buy Kleenex (not tissues, Kleenex...because Kleenex is the only way to go...except when I buy Puffs, but the selection at the somewhat small grocery store pretty much guaranteed that it would be Kleenex). I ended up buying that and a pint of strawberries. They were on sale for $.89. So they made me happy and I bought a pint, but the cashier had a terrible time trying to ring up the right price for those strawberries. First she had the wrong number for them...twice, then she finally looked up the produce number for strawberries, but it was the wrong one and they wanted to charge me $1.94 for them...and then she had to void that so that she could find the special number for the strawberry sale this week only that was taped to the register and staring her right in the face! It was fun. Oh, and I baked a cake earlier. Chocolate fudge...should be good. I'll have to frost it later. In fact, maybe I'll go do that now. Ciao.

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