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Computers Other Than My Own Annoy Me

March 17th, 2003 - 11:46 p.m.

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Merrr...Happy St. Patrick's Day...I guess. If Bush had gotten his way, it wouldn't have been an incredibly happy day for most of Iraq, but since when did I start commenting on world war politics?

Anyway, so for a change I'm using my Mom's computer. Not because I really want to, but because Grandpa decided he actually wanted to clean off the desk that I use more than he does and get rid of some of the papers on it that aren't worth keeping anymore. Of course, that's not going to have much of an effect on the state of that desk since I'm pretty sure there are papers older than I am on it, but I guess I have to give him credit for trying a bit. Or I would if I wasn't so annoyed by the fact that I can't use my computer because my laptop resides on the desk he's trying to clean.

So yeah. He's using that desk and that's where I normally sit with my laptop to do stuff on it and play around on the internet. And since he's using both the desk and the chair, I have to use this computer. Mom has a flat panel screen for it, which is kind of interesting. I wish it was more adjustable though so that the glare was a little more manageable. I feel almost like I need sunglasses or something after I look at this monitor for awhile. The monitor size is bigger too, so I don't really like it that much. You know, the whole, "Its different so I hate it" kind of thing. The weird monitor size means that everything I type looks absolutely huge on this screen. It makes me nuts. And I keep typing things wrong because the keys on the keyboard are spaced further apart than the smaller keyboard I'm used to using on my computer. Plus, this computer doesn't have any of the bookmarks I've come to know and love, so it's hard for me to remember the web addresses of all the places I usually visit when I'm only. Oh, and I don't have my buddy list and things on this computer either so I have no one to talk to and I find this annoying. I'm used to multi-tasking and that multi-tasking to involve chatting with other people damnit. Oh, and the keys are loud when I used the keyboard. Supernaturally loud because there's no other sound in the house apart from the noise the computer makes as it runs and occasionally the ticking of a clock gets through.

Yeah, anyway, I'm going to shut up now. Because it's after midnight. Maybe I'll switch computers if Grandpa ever goes away from the desk. I think I'll bake a cake tomorrow. That'll be fun. Errr...or something. Chocolate-y at least. Which might not be fun, but it will be good.

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