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March 13th, 2003 - 3:18 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: Television

Rrr. I am Soo annoyed. Diaryland isnít working and Iím bored out of my mind, but I canít update or create a survey or anything because Andrew is a whore and none of the members pages work at the moment. The actual diaries work, but not the members sections containing important pages like ďcreate a surveyĒ and ďadd an entryĒ and ďbuddylistĒ. So Iím bored out of my mind and Iíll just write my diary entry in my favorite little writing program RoughDraft (it kicks ass), and then post it much, much later when Diaryland is being cooperative instead of a frigger.

The TV is being weird. Sometimes like...CBS or ABC (I forget which), comes in in a funny color where the people end up looking fuschia and itís fairly disturbing. I donít like it. Because when the people arenít fuschia, theyíre an almost equally disturbing color of yellow that makes everyone look jaundiced. Itís just not fun either way. But none of the other stations are affected. Just the one. And it happens to every TV in the house, so itís actually the station, not the television, thatís to blame for the irritation. There is absolutely nothing worth watching after 2:30 in the morning when you only get 3-5 channels. Its times like this that I desperately long for...satellite or something. My choices right now? Well, they would be: News (despised); an infomercial for...The Video Professor maybe?; Fox was miraculously nearly visible through the snow in color a minute ago, but their programming is over for the day so all I have is that little sign that says the station (I forget what thatís called); ermm...PBS is some weird...science show or something? They were showing the attraction/repellant properties of two magnets a little bit ago. Whatever it is, it isnít all that interesting; and I donít get NBC on this television (did I mention that different TVs in this house get different stations?), but out of curiousityís sake, lets go into the living room and see whatís there...oh, apparently NBCís broadcasting day is over with too, because thereís the same static screen thatís on Fox, only slightly different since itís not the same station after all. So thatís the sum of my choices for quality television viewing. Pathetic, isnít it? Itís so depressing I should just go upstairs and go to bed/read there. Because I have nothing better to do. Well, I could be writing, but I just havenít felt moved to do so lately. I donít know why. Writerís block? Meh. I donít know.

Earlier I was watching ďAll American GirlĒ for some inexplicable reason. I donít like reality television, I donít like the newest wave of live/talent-driven television, so there really was no point to me even viewing this program in the first place, let alone watching it steadily for nearly two hours. But watch it I did. Mostly because I didnít like anything else that was on. I was in the den where the computer was, so that means I only get ABC, CBS, and PBS to begin with. One of the first two was showing what I was watching, PBS had some country music thing on in between the periods of time when they were trying to coax money from people (pledge drive time at PBS you see). And the other channel? I donít even remember what they were showing, so it must have been supremely uninteresting. So anyway, I was watching it (quality programming at its best...after all, they have one of the Spice Girls as a judge!) and I was amazed by how idiotic it was. But I couldnít look away. It was a trainwreck in carefully recorded slow motion. Maybe thatís the appeal of ďrealityĒ tv that Iíve been missing? The fact that you know its stupid, you know theyíre doing horribly embarrassing things, and youíre secretly gleeful? I donít know. Anyway, I really doubt Iíll be watching it again. I was in desperate straights, but Iíd probably rather turn off the television entirely before sitting through that again.

You know how I said I had some accounting stuff to do for my Grandfather Monday morning and that I should go to bed to be awake to do that? Yeah, well...that didnít happen. The going to bed part, that is. The accounting stuff got done in about two and a half hours. It consisted of me opening my spreadsheet program, going through a yearís worth of bank statements and typing in the checks and the debit card purchases wholesale and then going through the list that produced and deleting all of them that didnít work as...tax deductions or whatever he was going for. Grandpa didnít think we were going to finish the bookkeeping in time to have him ready to go to Aberdeen to meet with the accountant (my aunt & uncle were supposed to pick him up originally because my uncle does his taxes and the farm taxes when Grandpa does his). But I was bound and bloody well determined to have the freaking books finished so that I didnít have to drive him into Aberdeen, try to find an accountantís office Iíd never set foot in, wait Heaven knows how long for him to finish with the accountant, and then come home. So I had it all done by 11:30 (the appointment was scheduled for 1 pm, with travel time he was supposed to be picked up around noon), and then I called my aunt back (heíd called them earlier to say that he didnít think weíd be finished in time and that they should go ahead without him) and told her that weíd finished the books and that they could pick him up and take him after all. That pleased me very much. Because I didnít even want to get out of my pajamas, much less drive him into town and then wait around bored solid in an accountantís office. So he left and I was all alone. I still hadnít gone to bed yet, but by then I wasnít really tired, so I played around for awhile and then I went to bed at about 3:30 pm. Then, I slept for a really long time. I woke up briefly at 9 pm, then I slept some more and woke up for the day at about 7 am. Which is a whopping 15 & 1/2 hours of sleep after being awake for almost an entire day. I guess if you wouldíve split the time between two days like it was supposed to it wouldíve averaged into a decent amount of sleep. But mashing it together like that makes it seem like an incredibly rediculous amount of time to sleep. Anyway, it was fun...err...or not. More like not, but who cares? Other than me that is. Iím being lazy and such, so I think Iíll be finishing this now. Andrew finally got over his server issues by stopping the move to the new server and deciding to move the rest incrementally over the next few days. God, Iím so sick of these server issues Andrewís been having lately. And I donít even have to really deal with anything other than the results of it. Andrew must be throwing up in annoyance or something.

Yeah. And with that pleasant vomit image in your head, Iíll be going now. Ciao.

P.S. God do I wish I could get "Dancing Queen" out of my head.

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