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26 Hours

March 4th, 2003 - 6:00 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: Movement Involving My Back

It's freaking early. This fact displeases me greatly. Other things also displease me. In case you haven't guessed, my litany of whines from last time wasn't quite thorough enough so I'll be continuing to bitch and moan today until I feel like stopping as I go through the past...26 hours I guess it's been since my last "confession". Oh wait, I'm not Catholic. I don't confess to a religious priest-type figure. Maybe this is more of me complaining about the last 26 hours instead.

So I pretty much originally went to bed 24 hours ago. Yes, 6 am. Which, I must admit, isn't terribly unusual for me, but everyone who's reading should know by now that I'm such a night owl it isn't even funny. Or maybe it is funny. To other people. Unintentional comedy as others laugh at my plight. Bad people. So I go to bed...sort of. It was the kind of sleep where you just fall asleep with the light on and then you're still kind of aware of what's going on so its not very restful sleep all in all. Around 8 am, Mom peeked her head in the door to see if I was awake so I shut the light off since I realized that if I was going to be sleeping then I didn't need the light on. Then, 1/2 an hour later, they bothered me again to tell me that I needed to take my sister to the doctor's office at noon (which meant I needed to leave around 11:15 to get there on time). This immediately woke my mind up and I had to ask questions. First I asked where the office was, she told me, then I remembered a couple other questions I should ask so I tried to ask them from bed, but that didn't work because everyone was already downstairs. So I had to get out of bed, go downstairs, and ask my questions. When my questions had been answered more or less satisfactorily, I went back upstairs and tried to take a short nap before I had to be awake (about 10:30/11ish). Didn't work. My mind was alert and having none of this thing called sleep I've heard so much about. So I read in bed instead (soo many rhymes in soo few words...ha) until about 20 after 10. Then I gave up, went downstairs, ate breakfast, watched most of The Price is Right (because what else is there to see at 10 am?). Then it was time to leave so I got dressed, we went to the doctor's and I read in the waiting room for 40 minutes or so. I was occasionally distracted by the ancient Tom and Jerry cartoons they were showing, but that was all right. Then we went to the library, ate a little bit at Wendy's, stopped briefly in K-Mart so I could see if they had the newest J.D. Robb book in (they did, I bought it, I've now read nearly the first 100 pages), and went grocery shopping. At the grocery store I was overwhelmed by the urge to buy chocolate, so I did that in abundance. Chocolate Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies, Devil's Food Cake Mix, Triple Chocolate Cake Mix (cake mix was on sale and the frosting I bought to go with it isn't chocolate, but only because my sister talked me out of it), Vanilla Fudge Pop-Tarts, and those Philly Cheesecake Snack Bar things in some flavor that I think is called decadent chocolate but I don't really know without going to the fridge and checking the box. I spent a ridiculous amount of money. Anyway, the reason for me buying so much chocolate (not that I need an excuse, ever, really, to buy chocolate, but normally I don't buy quite so much of it) became abundantly clear to me as I began to drive home. That was when the cramps started you see. And my lack of real rest finally kicked in as I drove home too, making me cranky, cramping, and really tired. Got home at 4 pm, but couldn't take a nap since I had to cook in a fairly soon period of time, so I got online and watched tv a bit instead. Fed the birds so that they'd shut up. Finally got around to cooking at about 7 I think it was. Made homemade pizza. It wasn't bad. Cut up an apple for dessert to split between me, Grandpa, and the cockatoo. Did dishes and waited for Grandpa to finish his apple. By then it was...meh...must have been 9ish. So I went upstairs, fed the cat, and got into bed. Had problems getting comfortable in bed due to my lower back not liking me (damn uterus), and again fell into a sort of half-sleep around 10. Continued in that state until...2 something I think it was. Realized the heat hadn't been turned down at 3 and came down to turn it down since I was comfortable upstairs. If I'm comfortable or too warm upstairs it always means that the thermostat hasn't been turned down and that it needs to be dropped down to uncomfortably cold. Then went back upstairs, tried to go back to sleep for a bit. That didn't work, so I laid in bed and read my new novel instead. About an hour ago (5:30), I decided that I had had enough of that, so I came down here and got on the internet to check my mail and things. And that pretty much sums it up. I'll go wake up my sister in about 30 minutes so she can get ready for school, and after she's left (hopefully), I'll go back to bed and get some sleep. And if at all possible, I'd like *real* rest that actually makes me feel rested for a change. Okay?

Until then, I'll just be sitting here trying not to move too much.

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