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February 13th, 2003 - 4:21 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: Going to bed like a sensible person

Hmm. Apparently 2 or 3 days ago I said I might feel like informing people what's been going on in my life. I don't even remember what it was that I was going to mention. The only real reason why I felt like updating tonight is because I finished the story previously mentioned and seeing my counter at 6,666 sort of freaked me out so I thought updating would be A Good Thing. When it was finished it ended up being 6,650 words. I seem to just be in that range lately apparently. I can't remember...I must've finished it that night I was babbling about it. Well, really early in the morning at any rate. 6:15 am in the morning early.

Oh. I guess I neglected to inform you of...well, about a week's worth of happenings in The Life of Me. Now the question is do I want to go back a week and talk about all I've been doing or just give up? I guess I'll decide later. I was really bored yesterday but I didn't feel like doing a diary entry, so I made a survey instead. Take it and be afraid. Be very afraid. Maybe I shouldn't be allowed to do that ever again. I get really strange when I'm bored like that. It's still fairly cold here, but I'm acclimating or some such thing and I'm not complaining quite as much as I was previously. Either that or I'm just...something something. Anyway, basic point? Cold isn't a big deal any longer. (Ha. So says I...until I get too cold sitting down here on the first floor and go upstairs to my space heater warmed room.)

What's annoyed me recently: when I was on the trip I haven't really bothered to tell you about, I bought the latest Matchbox 20 cd. I don't buy cds very often, so I don't really know why I caved...maybe it was hearing one of their songs twice in the car on the way to my destination that did it. Damn subliminal messages. Or maybe the song lyric just amused the hell out of me and I was forced to buy it to be amused on a frequent basis. Anyway, what annoyed me mightily was the fact that when I finally played the cd the whole way through the next evening (when I was in another city entirely mind you), I couldn't listen to HALF the songs on the stupid cd because it was Scratched! Scratched! When I'd just bought the stupid thing 24 hours earlier! I was highly annoyed. Especially when there wasn't really any way to return it because it was purchased at a store that doesn't exist unless I make a 3 hour trip. That's so not worth it, so I was going to just buy a cd scratch repair-type thing (and that was annoying too...spend good money on a cd and then have to spend MORE money just to be able to listen to the entire thing), but all is now fine because I didn't have to buy it. Mom did instead and I ran the cd through it...yesterday I think it was and it works now so all is well.

I've been doing a lot of cooking lately for no reason I can really comprehend. I've cooked the last three nights running and did the dishes two nights out of the three. They're not entirely simple meals either. Monday I made tuna burgers and had...some vegetable plus...pears I think it was for dessert. Tuesday it was very fancy since I went to the trouble of making mashed potatoes with liver and peas. Cold canned peaches for dessert...they were yummy. Tonight it wasn't anything fancy though. I just shoved a couple of frozen pizzas in the oven and let them cook. Nothing fancy, but I didn't feel like cooking, so that could be why. In fact, I know that's why it wasn't anything fancy. Tomorrow...I think I'll cook tacos. There isn't much cooking to be done when tacos are involved but I haven't had them for a really long time, so tacos it shall be. If not tomorrow night then pretty soon. I think I've been doing this lately because I know Mom's busy with school work and everything and since I'm home I feel like I should be doing a little bit to help. So I've been cooking so she doesn't have to, doing the dishes so she can do some of her homework sooner, and helping her write her essays. Oh, and earlier this week I helped her with her speech. She did pretty well on that. I was pleased.

Hmm. I don't know, I think I'm out of new things to say. I don't feel like detailing my trip to return the rental car, so I'll just be ending this very shortly. Oh, one thing about my trip to return the car...it was very nice seeing my friend and sometimes hugs are really important things to have. Comments are welcome below. (Because I have no life and seek affirmation and attention from random people I may or may not know.)

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