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They Brought Disco Back! NOOOOOO.....

January 16th, 2003 - 8:25 p.m.

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Haaaaaaaaaaa. Hahahahahaha. I simply can't stop laughing. I can't believe it. They brought back disco! Haaaaaaaaaaaa...

I even did a survey asking if they should bring back disco. Reactions were mixed. For myself, I enjoy a lot of the songs sometime, but I don't *really* want them to bring back either the clothing or the music. They're nice to hear every once in awhile, but that's enough.

But the thing that amuses me endlessly is that ABC is currently showing "The Disco Ball". This show is essentially dragging out a bunch of stars of the '70s to sing one more time the hit(s) that made them famous. And for the songs that were great whose original singers are no longer alive (or maybe they just refused to come on the show? I don't know, something), they've drafted semi-stars of today to sing. For example, after they had the Village People out to sing "Macho Man", the next song was "Turn The Beat Around". That was originally sung by...errr...somebody? I think her name was Robin? Vicki Robinson? Something? I don't remember. I only remember the Gloria Estefan version, sorry. Anyway, they had Mya? sing it this time around and it was scary. I definitely didn't like it as well as previous versions I've heard. And at one point they had Mya wrap herself around a guy, and then the pair was subsequently hoisted into the air by a bunch of strong boytoys. The way she was positioned made it look almost like they were...well, can't you guess? That was fairly inappropriate and scary. I thought ABC was supposed to be the Disney-shill company and full of happiness and light?

Huh. Natural, a boy-band I've never heard of in my life from Orlando, is actually doing a fairly decent job of singing those Bee Gees songs from the 70s. I've always thought those songs must be hard for guys to sing. They're way up there in the falsetto range for guys. And the harmonies are pretty complex. I think I might be impressed. And for a boy-band...they may have actual talent! I can't believe those words came out of my fingers. Talent and boy-band are two words that probably shouldn't be combined in a sentence in a positive light.

They got Whoopi Goldberg to help Martha Wash sing "It's Raining Men"? WTF? Since when can Whoopi Goldberg even sing?

It was odd...but still I laughed like crazy. Dragging out the 90s disco version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" seemed like a huge stretch to me though. I don't know if I would've really even called that rendition of that song disco.


And it's snowing outside. I really wish I had the ceramic heater I left at home because I didn't have enough room in my suitcase. Sucks. Bye.

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