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January 7th, 2003 - 3:53 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: Looking at the computer screen

*yawns* Well, days without anything to say and then now I have an entire day's worth of things to write down and I don't really want to take the time to do it. Bah. I guess I'll do it anyway...or I'll start it and then not finish it, depending on how long I can stare at this screen as I type before it starts to really bother my eyes and I have to give up and go away.

So. I believe I mentioned that I had an eye doctor's appointment this morning that I needed to be awake for. In truly typical me fashion, I did something stupid. My appointment was at 10:30 am, which meant that I needed to leave here by about a quarter to 10 in order to be on time. That meant that I woke up at about 9:30, or 15 minutes before I needed to leave. And that was fine. No problem with that. I don't really need that much time to get dressed and get in the car. In fact, we left with a good three minutes to spare and that was after I wandered around the kitchen aimlessly for a minute or two wondering what on earth I could possibly have to eat that I could just take with me in the van (I didn't eat anything by the way, I couldn't find anything suitable). So, no problem there, right? The problem comes in with exactly when I went to bed. I got wrapped up in reading this book I borrowed from my sister that I found highly amusing and I didn't finish it until sometime after 7:30 am. So that means I'd had 2 hours of sleep at the most before I left. I was tired and cranky. And my mood definitely did *not* improve as the day wore on either.

So we get to the doctor's office and I have to fill out a form because I've never been there before. That's fine. They finally call my name about 15 minutes after my scheduled appointment time and I go back into the depths of the office. The helper lady (I don't know...what are optician's assistants called? Did I even get the right doctor name there?) tested my present prescription and made me look in the thing and did all the normal things. Asked me a few questions, etc. Then, she did the really annoying thing. Because my grandfather has several eye problems (he had glaucoma at one point and has macular degeneration now), every time I go to the eye doctor I have to be tested for glaucoma. The test is really not fun...they make you look into a green light with each eye and then when you're looking at the light, they spray a puff of air into your eyes at fairly high velocity. It really sucks. It makes me jerk my head back. And if you blink when they do it (I didn't, but my mom says that she usually does when they test her eyes) then they make you do it again. After all that unpleasantness was over with, she took me further back into the office into one of those little tiny rooms with the chair and eye equipment (and the chart on the wall). She then proceeded to test my current prescription with me reading a line on the wall with my glasses on. First with my left eye covered. Then a second line with my right eye covered. Then a third line with both eyes available. Things were kind of tentative when one eye or another was covered, but I could see the 3rd line clearly when I got to use both of my eyes.

Then, after maybe five minutes or so, the doctor came in. We talked a bit, he did typical eye doctor things (is the green side or the red side bolder, tell me when the other side is bolder, tell me which one is clearer, etc.), and after that was over, he told me what he thought. He said I didn't need a new prescription (which is nice...no expensive new lens for me, whee!), and that anything, if he were to change my prescription it would be to something slightly less strong than my current one is. But it shouldn't make enough difference either way to matter, so he just let me keep the ones I have. I told him about how my eyes were being goofy and more sensitive to light...how headlights at night bother me sometimes and how if I'm walking toward the setting sun I can get a headache pretty darn fast. His opinion was that I suffer from cluster headaches. He gave me a few things to look for, diet, etc. but said that there really wasn't much of anything they could do for them once they started and that there wasn't too many signs to prefigure the headaches. A combination of lack of sleep, improper diet, stress... essentially, all the hallmarks of a college student cause cluster headaches. Lovely. He said if they got really frequent or horrible I should probably go get a physical and that occasionally, for people who were more afflicted with them than I seemed to be, there was...I don't know, some sort of painkiller or something. I suppose I should do that one of these days. It's work though, and you know how I like to avoid that.

Because of the headache thing, he decided that he *did* want to dilate my pupils and take a look at them. (Earlier he'd said that he didn't need to and wouldn't, but apparently I changed his mind.) So he put the drops in my eyes, left me alone for 10 minutes, and then came back. Then, he put on this thing that looked sort of like a miner's lamp...one of those bands you put on your head that has a light in front, and looked at my eyes. AND DEAR LORD WAS THAT PAINFUL. After just having had a 5 or 10 minute discussion on how sensitive my eyes are to light, the cruel eye doctor then put a light on his head and proceeded to shine it TWO INCHES away from my eye and kill me with the light. I felt like a Mogwi and that I needed to be running away screaming, "Bright light! Bright light!" It sucked. After he was done, I was seeing spots. He tried to pacify my blinded eyes by offering me a throwaway pair of prescription sunglasses (with clever sides made out of that tasteful and popular material - cardboard), but I scoffed at his offer and told him that I had mine with me. Then I was free to escape and find my mother...only she wasn't in the chair waiting for me where I'd left her. So I had to wait in the chair in the lobby for like 5 minutes before she came back from the bathroom so she could pay the receptionist and we could leave.

So after that enchanting experience, we went to the car dealership (my mother's thinking of buying a new van - a miniature one this time). We test drove one van (a van van, not a mini-one) and I didn't like it that much. The brakes squeaked if you stepped on them too hard and I felt like I could barely reach the pedals on the floor and that was when the seat was moved all the way forward. And the brake pedal was so thin that I almost constantly felt like my foot was going to slip off of it every time I went to press it. It vexed me. The other one we looked at (which we decided we liked) was a Windstar of some sort. The odd thing about it was that the Windstar came with an emergency brake which I don't think I've ever seen on a (mini-)van before in my life. We think we like it, but it's not quite ready to testdrive yet. They had to finish cleaning it and do a few cosmetic things I think first. Anyway, we still think we like it, and the mileage isn't bad, nor is the price. The only thing stopping us from picking it up on...Thursday probably, is some legal thing with the title of what we have now and I'm not going to get into that.

After that, we made a brief stop at the library where I picked up a few books and Mom dropped off something she forgot to return and then we went to a restaurant for dinner. It was...maybe 12:30, 1 pm? So now, this is the part where my day gets worse. Because of the bright light thing and the lack of sleep I was already cranky and I had a headache. I was tired and I was looking forward to having dessert and indulging my sweettooth damnit. But did I get to do this? NO. And you know why? Because of the lousy waitress we had. She really annoyed the heck out of me. She wasn't even busy or anything! I mean, she had maybe five, six tables at the most during the entire time we were there. And that's including the one we were sitting at. If the place had a zillion people and the waitress neglects me, that's okay...it's understandable...it's easy to get frazzled when you have a ton of people you need to get orders from and take care of. That I can excuse. But NO. Not this woman. She wasn't even busy and she spent more time asking the other tables if they had everything and taking their orders than she did at ours. It's not even like we were sitting far away from the other tables that had customers in it either...the two booths ahead of me had customers and maybe five minutes before we left the booth behind me was seated with a couple of people. So we were right in the thick of things, you'd think she could've been helpful and attentive, right? WRONG. She went RIGHT PAST us at least 3 or 4 times without even stopping by to ask us how our food was. And then, when I was finished and mom was maybe 3/4 done, she Finally came to ask us if she could get us anything else, she STILL managed to ignore me. I asked her if I could have some more water and I was going to ask her what they had for desserts but she had a really horrid attitude and sort of rushed to answer me so that I felt awkward saying anything. She said, "Okay, I'll get you some water right away." and I was like, all right, I'll just ask her about the desserts when she comes back with my water. Fine. But THEN, instead of getting me my damn water, she goes to the table behind us and takes their order! Still, I was like...okay, she's just going to grab my glass when she gets done taking their order and then she doesn't have to make quite so many trips back and forth. Fine. Then...oh, THEN, instead of grabbing my glass, she just goes to the kitchen to give the cook the order. And again, I was like...well, okay, maybe she's just going to give me a new glass and she'll be back and then I can ask about the desserts and my sweettooth will be appeased and All Will Be Good. But NO. Instead of getting me my water, the silly cow just STANDS over there and CHATS with the other waitress! She didn't even ever come back anywhere NEAR our table! I got sooo pissed off. I was like..RARH. Mom was all, 'well, I'm not giving her a tip,' and I was happy about it. I said she didn't deserve one, and I was right. So she didn't get a tip. Mom said that we should just complain to the hostess or whoever when we went up to pay the bill and I agreed that that seemed like a good idea. So we went up to pay the bill...only it was the lousy waitress who was serving as the cashier! I didn't feel like it was right to complain about her to her face, so even when she asked if everything was okay today, I didn't tell her what I thought of her. Mom and I kind of looked at each other and I think I said, "Not really," but I wouldn't tell the waitress what was wrong when she asked. I just wasn't willing to get into it...I was tired.

But she made me mad, making my mood for the day worse. Then, I was going to look for a suit because I more than likely need one, as little as I want one, but my quest was unsuccessful. It made me cranky, especially when the sun came out and bothered the heck out of my eyes. (Just what I needed, more bright light to make my headache worse.) Eventually we made our way to the grocery store and then home. I was tired, so I went upstairs and I read for awhile before I fell asleep. I ended up taking a nap from 5:30 or so until almost 10:30 in the evening. I came downstairs an hour later when I was hungry and discovered that (of course), they'd eaten without me. Not only had they eaten without me, but they ate all of the tuna noodle casserole and there weren't even any leftovers for me to warm up. So more opportunity for me to be grouchy. No food (I eventually ate a peanut butter sandwich), and my eyes were *still* dry and aching more than 12 hours after I got out of the stupid doctor's office. It sucked. And now the computer screen is really getting to me so I'm going to go away. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better and won't spend an entire entry bitching about being cranky.

(Or I won't update. That's also a possibility, but that happens ofttimes whether I'm cranky or not.)


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