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New Year's Eve, 2002

New Year's Day 2003 - 3:10 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: The Realization That I May Very Well Be Inebriated. (I Kid.)

Well...I guess it's technically New Year's Early Morning or still New Year's Eve if I want to go with my standard way of measuring time where the next day has not occured unless I've been to bed (and/or occasionally the calendar day is allowed to continue forward at some nebulous time after the sun has Arisen...my sister says 6 am, whichever comes first).

So. Welcome to 2003. Eesh. Where does the time go? Time needs to stop doing that. I don't know, I'm tired and I don't really feel like writing much here, it's just been about two days and I'll need something for a placeholder for 2003 eventually. Besides, I already have two other windows that involve writing which I need to pay attention to as well. So that's more than enough multi-tasking for me. Bah.

So far, no major complaints about the new laptop...other than the weird ability my mouse seems to have to close windows and programs without my telling it to do so. At least, it *did*, although I'm not sure it does now. I might have fixed it, since it hasn't done that for a time or two now. But I'd do something like hit the back button on the browser and suddenly the window would close with no warning. The back button is nowhere near the little x that closes IE windows. I haven't the slightest idea how it managed it. But it did. And not only that, but it managed to do it frequently enough to piss me off...something like four times in maybe 10 minutes (or less) the other night.

Just a brief recap of New Year's Eve will suffice I suppose. I've been writing this on and off for nearly an hour after all and it's supposed to be short. It wasn't a bad New Year's Eve...possibly one of the better one's I've had. My immediate family and I played Life and then a game of Sorry (I won both of them), then it was time to eat (just frozen pizza we tossed in the oven because we were too lazy to cook anything fancy or more than very minimally involved since we were playing games while the pizza was cooking). After supper was over with, we played a game of Monopoly with a Coca-Cola theme (my sister won...don't ask about the Monopoly board, my mother's got some weird mild collector Coca-cola fetish) and then after I bitterly lost, we played...Rummikube (I won...two or three times and Mom won at least once, maybe twice) I think it is? I can't remember how to spell it to be honest. While playing Monopoly I tried to make strawberry daquiries, which didn't really work out all that well because the blender sucks and there wasn't enough ice in it. A glass of that was consumed as well as a glass of Arbor Mist (peach flavored) which wasn't too bad. The strawberry thing wasn't that good though...or at the very least I've had much better. I suppose that combination of alcohol must have been enough to make me at the least tipsy since I caught myself saying the wrong (and for the most part completely nonsensical) word twice in the timespan of an hour or less. Alcohol for the most part just makes me tired if I've had much of it. Which isn't really surprising considering how it's a despressant... Anyway, so I'm tired now, but I'm still awake and most likely will continue in this state for awhile longer since I still have a fair amount of e-mail to go through. Ah well, I'll live.

After all the games were done it was midnight where I was instead of on the East Coast and we sort of guessed at the time, wore silly hats, blew noisemaker-type things, and pulled the strings on these little capsule things that shot little streamers of various colors into the air. All in all, not a bad New Year's Eve. No resolutions or anything that I can think of since for the most part I've never bothered with them. Anyway, I think this is more than long enough now. Ciao.

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