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Christmas Day & Stuff

December 27th/28th, 2002 - 9:14 p.m.

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Hmm. I haven't updated in...awhile. Good enough. I meant to last night but didn't get around to it. I was tired. Being tired apparently didn't prevent me from being awake well past 6 am however. Merrrr...the internet pages are being annoying. But then again, that's what I get for having 5 pages open and a very slow connection. It takes forever for any of them to get anywhere. Dum de dum...let's twiddle my thumbs...

I wonder what I haven't talked about? I'm afraid to open up my diary...that would just be one more window that would work very, very slowly. Stupid internet connection that only connects at something like 28.8 kps. Boy do I miss ethernet. I will most likely be shelling out mad money for a cable connection or DSL when I'm no longer in college because of the sheer frustration offered by dial-up is just not worth my sanity compared to the money I save by using it. Ah HA! I figured out why none of the pages were working...stupid protector thing. It's fixed now...whee!

I think I forgot to talk about when my family went and saw "The Two Towers". We went Monday so that was before Christmas Eve. I should have talked about it last entry but I forgot. Oh well. Anyway, we went to the matinee of it on Monday afternoon. It was a freaking long movie. Just short of three hours...longer than that actually by the time you add the fifteen minutes or so of previews. I only liked three things pretty much throughout the entire movie. The rest I was either rather ambivalent of or I actively disliked. Especially the tendency of the camera to spin around in circular shots as well as extended pans near the beginning. That really bothered me to the point where I was starting to get dizzy. Anyway, here's what I liked about "The Two Towers" (If you have a thing for the movie not being spoiled for you then you probably should've skipped down or stopped reading all together by now):

1. The Ents. Especially the battle of the Ents vs. the evil white wizard Sauroman. (The two main villians' names are entirely too similar for me to be comfortable. There's like...a one-letter or syllable difference in the way the two names are pronounced and it's incredibly easy for me to confuse the two even though I know which one is which in deeds and appearance.) It took the Ents like five minutes to completely demolish most of his fortress and stronghold in Isengard. (Don't ask me how anything's spelled, I'm just taking a stab at it. I know they really are spelled funny and as long as possible because Tolkien was annoying.) It was great fun. Especially considering it took the other battle like 12 hours or so to sort of make a dent in the bad guys. It was great. I was amused.

2. The dwarf, Gimli. His wisecracks and the jokes made at his expense were lovely. Especially when they were at the castle just before the battle and he was jumping up and down trying to see over the wall. He asked what was happening and Legolas replied, "Would you like me to describe it to you or shall I get you a box?" It was funny. Dwarves are comedic gold apparently. And the bit a little later about being thrown.

3. The schizophrenic Smeagol/Gollum. He was just great. I was very amused by him. Craziness in individuals is also comedic gold oftimes. Although that one scene where they were switching between Gollum and Smeagol and denoting it by their being in different positions on the screen was kind of annoying because it was almost like watching a tennis ball bounce back and forth at a rapid pace. It made me all...something or other. Anyway, moving on...

Christmas Day. I suppose I'd better babble on about that for awhile. It was a little strange. Okay, a lot strange. Possibly the strangest Christmas I can recall. We went to my Great-uncle's house for dinner because wonder of wonders, my great-aunt Virginia volunteered to cook. And so we went over to their house. I've never actually *been* to their house in my life. NEVER. They only live like... 3/4 of a mile away, a mile max from this house. But I've never been there. Past there, but not there. My great-aunt is a little weird. Okay, maybe a lot weird. She served something very similar to Swedish Meatballs, rice, a green bean casserole thing, this red jello salad with pears and cranberries in it (it was tolerable considering the fact that I donít even like cranberries), and this Christmas bread stuff that I donít like. Dessert weíd brought with us so it was these bars with cranberries and coconut (I didnít eat those of course seeing as how I like neither cranberries nor coconut), and rainbow sherbet. You know, every time I see the word sherbet I really want to spell it with two rís. Thatís how itís pronounced anyway...at least, around here. So I ate the rainbow sherbet because its yummy and that was it. Dinner was over. But of course, the reminiscing or whathaveyou had only just begun. My great-aunt had a lot of cats in her house because she was afraid they wouldnít survive the winter. (Three cats that were less than a year old and one cat that was extremely old...as in she said that the cat had been alive since 1975 which puts the cat at a whopping 27 years old.) So my sister and I spent quite a bit of time petting the cats and being amused by their not-yet-adult antics. Then time dragged on...and on...and on. Eventually, we grew weary of the kittenish amusements and my sister asked my mother when we were going home. Her response? ďWalk home.Ē We were bored enough to do it. And we did it in something like 10 or 15 minutes. Because we were cold and because my sister has long legs that I have to keep up with.

So then we were home and we worked on the 3D puzzle of Draculaís Castle that my sister got for Christmas until the rest of my family came home. Then my aunt insisted that we play a game of Scrabble before we went over to my auntís house for supper. There, we were treated to another rather odd meal. See, my auntís stove used to be electric, but then a mouse chewed through the wiring so she had to get a new one. To prevent this problem from occuring again, they opted to purchase a gas one. But there was a problem with the person who was supposed to come and hook up the gas, so sheís been without a stove for awhile now. So she had to cook without having a stove or oven to cook with. It was interesting to say the least. So we had a fairly traditional supper of leftovers at her house, but whose leftovers Iím not entirely sure. Since she didnít have an oven or anything to cook the turkey and ham that she had. Anyway, we had a choice of three soups: onion, turkey, or bean with ham in addition to ham and/or turkey sandwiches on buns. I had the turkey soup, which was a little bland, but good enough. It could have used some vegetables or spices or something.

The big news of the evening was the fact that my cousin Alexandra was home (she has another name, her middle name, that Iím used to calling her by and I should not type it because she doesnít like it all that much). Not only was she home, but sheíd brought her significant other along with her. Heíd proposed to her on Christmas Eve and she is now an engaged individual. That was big news. I hadnít seen her in a long time. Sheís going to move to Minnesota sometime in the spring I think. I guess Iím happy for her, but honestly...I canít imagine being engaged at her age. Sheís younger than I am. At least sheís known him for five years as a friend and a boyfriend before getting engaged. Knowing someone for awhile before getting engaged sounds like a very good idea to me. But I still canít imagine it. It boggles my mind. After supper, we opened presents for the second time that day and then I played pinochle with two of my cousinís and Alexís fiance, Ryan. Then we went home around 11 pm or so. Maybe later. I forget. I donít know...not much more in the way of news...gifts received I suppose is about the only thing I can think of. No one really even bothered to ask me what I wanted for Christmas this year, they all just took a guess. I got: a pair of earrings from Denmark (courtesy of Julie...and I like them which is a near-miracle since her aesthetic tastes and mine when it comes to things like jewelry and art are almost worlds apart), a new laptop (joy abounds, but it was previously discussed), $20, a fleece scarf (it looks nice and would be lovely...that is, if I wore or had the slightest desire to wear scarves), a book light (which seems like it would be apropriate but which I find fairly irritating because, like most book lights, itís designed to function with hardcover books instead of paperbacks), a fleece hooded jacket (a nice guesture I suppose...if it was black. But instead, itís a dark purple that I donít really care for much at all), a book I wanted, a book I already had on my shelves (another useless gift), a pair of black socks that are strange but very comfy, and a tiny stuffed loon from my sister that has no functional value and looks more like a penguin than a loon in my opinion. So I guess looking at all of the gifts gathered, about 1/2 or less of them are things Iím happy with. I think Iím probably a hard person to give gifts to...to the point where hardly anyone even bothers to ask me what I want anymore. Anyway, thatís more than enough for now. Ciao. It's now 2:43 am and time to...something.

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