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Perverse Muses Driving Me Nuts

December 9th, 2002 - 1:46 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: Oh, just the usual...everything plus I'm desperately trying to avoid starting any fun writing.

Muses are some seriously perverse creatures, you know that? I finished my third story in what appears to be an un-named series a couple days ago and I *know* that I can't start anything else new or really work on what I've got unfinished because I have all these papers to write for finals. These papers will sap most, if not all, of my brainpower and creativity and if I don't reserve what creativity, brainpower, and energy I have for those papers then I'll run out of said things before I finish all of them. And that's a bad thing because when I run out of energy and creativity and brain matter, my papers are crap and so are my grades. Hence, writing anything for fun in the next couple of weeks is a BAD IDEA. So, of course, what happens? My brain, or my muse, or some creative aspect of something somewhere, starts working overtime at throwing story ideas/factors at me. It's driving me nuts. There's all these lovely ideas for a story I Can't Work On because I haven't a song to frame it or time to work on it and it's really just driving me up the wall. My brain won't shut up. It's annoying as all get out. I'm not kidding. If this keeps up, I'm going to *have* to do some writing for myself because if I don't, I'll never have any peace in my head. Arrgh.

So like I said in my last entry, there was this commercial that sort of pissed me off. Well, I didn't mention that it pissed me off, but I mentioned that I Needed to talk about it. Not that's it's by any means unusual for me to be irritated by a commercial, but what's one more dissection of a commercial when I've already done so many? Why not add another one, it's not like anyone other than me cares. So I saw this commercial that said that I, too, could have a new desktop computer without any credit check at all as long as I could afford $35 a week for 12 months. My immediate response was to do the math for that in my head. $35 a week...4 weeks in a month...that's $140 a month. Times 10 for ease is $1400, plus two more months is another $280...that's $1680! Actually, I was off a bit in my calculations because every once in awhile there's 5 weeks in a month so what there *real* cost is, is $1820. For that price I could put $35 in the bank every month in a savings account, in a year buy about 2 pretty decent desktops for that price or one pretty nice laptop with money left over including the miniscule amount I made in interest just by having a steadily-increasing amount of money sitting in a savings account. So my reaction once I thought about how much money that was ended up being, "What do you think I am, a complete fool?!?" And the computer they give you is probably a lousy one. Not anything near worth what you pay for it, but if you have really poor credit, can't save anything if your life depended on it, and/or are a complete fool, then hey! this computer's for you... Yuck. A lot of commercials for things like that are such a complete rip off. Damn them.

Another thing...there was a commercial for people to "Dial-A-Mate". It was vaguely disturbing and scary and I felt the need to run away...but I couldn't.

I was awake until some ridiculous hour of the morning last night watching "As Good As It Gets" with Jack Nicholson as an annoying, obsessive/compulsive, and reclusive writer. I sort of identify with that, but dear lord was that a long movie. Even without the commercials it's 2 hours and 19 minutes long. So it was a good 3-hour block of time I wasted there. It was bad. I have this urge to hear "The Carol of the Bells" that's driving me crazy and it's all Greyhound's fault. They have a commercial that uses that tune and now I have an irrestible urge to hear the damn song. It didn't work very well to get me to buy tickets for the bus though. I think I'd have to be pretty desperate before I took Greyhound again. I've done it once and I really didn't care for it. Enough so that I have no real desire to ever do it again. Ever. Ever, ever, ever. It wasn't fun. I could drive there myself in much less time than it took Greyhound.

Anyone remember the restaurant I was talking about in This Entry? The French/Thai fusion place that I pretty much rhapsodized over until you were nauseatingly sick of it? Well I have another opportunity to go there...not with my friend but with some people who go as a group to various places. And I sort of really want to go but I have to make up my mind whether or not I can really afford to go first. Any suggestions? I'm going to go away now.

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