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Worst Thanksgiving I've Ever Had

November 29th, 2002 - 1:42 a.m.

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What a crappy Thanksgiving. No, honestly. It sucked beyond all previous Thanksgivings in my memory. Besides the fact that I've spent this year as well as the 3 years prior essentially alone and family-less on Thanksgiving, this one still gets marked down as worst Thanksgiving EVER. I'm talking fairly major suckiness here. And all because of the damn movie theater and it's frozen yogurt smoothies.

Every year (since I got into college anyway...I'm pretty sure it's every year) on Thanksgiving I do one thing. I go to a movie. One year I went twice and saw the 10 pm showing as well as a midnight showing of something else. One year I didn't go by myself and I didn't have to pay for it either. But that's not the point. The point is I go and see a movie (or two) because I'm by myself and almost entirely alone on campus and because I can.

So today I didn't have turkey or anything because I didn't participate in the house's annual Thanksgiving dinner. Moving on. So I decided I'd give the new theater a try because it's supposed to be spiffy and the prices for students are about what you'd pay at GhettoMagic (not the real name), the local skanky, shady theater that's still around and was the only thing really local prior to the opening of this new theater. I settled on the 10:30 showing of Harry Potter 2 just for lack of better alternatives. They were only showing 5 films (they have 6 screens but were showing Die Another Day in two of them) and none of the five films really looked all that interesting to tell you the truth, so I decided to arbitrarily see the longest one so as to get my money's worth out of my ticket price. And that happened to be the new Harry Potter flick. So that's all well and good, right? No problems thus far, eh?

I go in, and have about 20 minutes before my film starts. I wander around a bit, taking in the sights, and then go to the concession stand to purchase things before the show. I decided on Milk Duds as one of the cheapest candy boxes available (although the gummi bears were the same price and were quite appealing) in addition to a Mango Mango Frozen Yogurt Smoothie.

Ugh. I can't contemplate the details. Let's just say that the frozen yogurt must have been spoiled somehow because about an hour into the film I had to go to the bathroom to throw up. I felt better, so I thought I'd go back into the movie but half an hour later or so I was back in the bathroom...having barely made it there in time to hit the toilet. It was thoroughly disgusting. So I decided not to return to the last 1/2 hour, 45 minutes of the film and to just go home. I stopped at the grocery store across the street from the theater before going home in order to buy a bottle of 7-Up and I've been slowly drinking it ever since. I've finished drinking it though and now am hoping I just don't do that any more. The best bet at this point in time might be just going to bed where I can sleep in as long as I like and can avoid moving as much as possible and possibly upsetting my stomach. My eyes hurt for some random reason. All in all, not a good holiday.

I suppose if you're looking for one redeeming thing, I keep thinking that it's later in the week than it actually is because I get 5 days off. Three more days of "vacation" is such a nice thing...except for the fact that I need to spend a good portion of it finding quotes and things in the library. Stupid research projects. I'm going to go give in to the pain or some such thing now. Ciao.

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