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421st Entry Is Really Long

November 7th, 2002 - 9:00 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: About the last 100 pages of 100 Years of Solitude (I'm going to finish it!) & Shelley I think.

This might end up being a really long entry. We'll see. I think I have a lot to say, but maybe I'll be wrong and I won't. This is my 421st diary entry. I promised Chad that I'd make a big deal out of it when it happened and I almost missed the fact of it's pending existence entirely. Luckily, I did see that I had 420 entries so now I can make a big deal out of this one by making it a longer-than-usual entry. Of course, that might also have something to do with the fact that I haven't updated for almost 3 days, but let's just pretend that it's for other reasons.

Jerry Springer's been on for 12 seasons? Dear Lord. What keeps this show going? What keeps all these talk shows going for so long? And soap operas...what keeps those on for an eternity? What is it, General Hospital that's been on for over a quarter of a century? I looked it up...General Hospital's been on for nearly 40 years. That's longer than some people live. And The Young & The Restless has been on tv for almost 30, with some actors who've been playing the same character for over 20 years. It's just mind-boggling. Is it their time slot that gives them such longevity? Only bored housewives and people convalescing are possible targets for watching it, so if ratings are lower than during primetime they keep the show on the air anyway. It appears to be good work if you can get it. Steady work at least...if you can keep your job for a quarter of a century. It's a longer career than a lot of actors manage. I get the feeling that soap opera stars are probably looked down on by "real" actors as sort of inferior because they only do soap operas. But it takes quite a bit of talent to produce such melodrama on a regular basis.

Maury scares me. If you can't tell, it's 10 am and I'm watching tv talk shows while I type this stuff. Jerry Springer was the typical drivel about cheating men and women who ruin their relationships. Maury, however, is entitled "I'm not your slave! Stop destroying my life!", and this I find terribly disturbing. It's all about abusive husbands/boyfriends who completely control the lives of their significant other. It's really disgusting. Maury seems to feed off of the emotional distress of these poor women in some sort of sick, perverted, vampiric way and it's just...REALLY disturbing. I just can't think of the words to describe this. The only question that comes to my mind is, if these men are so freaking controlling, why'd they let the women drag them along to the Maury show so they can be reviled on national tv? Anyway, in about 15 minutes I'm going to change this disturbing abusive scary thing for Win Ben Stein's Money, because something less disturbing seems like a good idea. This is painful to watch. Oh, and Maury's going to try to change abusive men into decent human beings in one show? How unrealistic is that? Depressing, depressing, and sad. Oh, according to the end of Maury (I've been switching back and forth), all the men have had their eyes opened and have promised to change. I'm such a cynic and I'm of the opinion that they won't.

So Tuesday was Election Day. The democrats in the Senate won in my home state by a very, very narrow margin. That was kind of nifty. I didn't vote, but then again, I have personal reasons not to. So I won't until I am sufficiently motivated to do so. And given life nowadays, I'm probably going to be sufficiently motivated right around 2004. That sounds about right.

Also, Tuesday was Buffy day. I missed Angel, and I'm sort of unhappy about that, but I did see Buffy. I could have almost missed Buffy I think. It was cute, but it almost didn't need to be in this season. It didn't do much of anything to further the grand plot of this season, except for the fact that Spike moved out of the basement and into Xander's closet. That's it. And it provdided a bonding experience for Xander and Spike since, being male, they were the only ones in the Scooby Gang who weren't affected by the charmed letter jacket. I highly doubt that this will make them friends or anything, so it really was pretty damn pointless.

I have class in an hour. I've been writing in this diary entry on and off for two hours now. Whee. I don't know if I'll finish it before I have to go. In fact, I don't really *want* to go to class today. I think I'll probably do it anyway however. Maybe. I'll definately go to my 3 o'clock class, but the one at noon...hmm. I'll have to ponder this. I probably won't not go. Ha. Negative confirmation is funny. To me anyway. I need to get dressed though, which means I won't be finishing this before I go. Ah well. It's not like it can't wait until later, perhaps between classes or completely after all classes. Either one. Maybe even both, depending on how much I want to procrastinate and put off finishing 100 Years of Solitude.


5 pm. So I went to class (both of them), but I didn't finish 100 Years of Solitude. I've still got...78 pages left to read of it. I'll probably not bother to finish it now, but you never know. Maybe I'll surprise me and actually finish the book even though I don't need to. Or maybe I should just start "Kiss of the Spider Woman" and give up. I don't know. I'll think about it.

So where was I in my narrative of the past few days, anyway? Oh yeah, dinner. Wednesday night I went out to dinner with my friend. I think I'd said previously that we were going to try this Afghani place downtown, but when my friend called Tuesday I felt like shit and didn't feel like going that far, so we decided to eat someplace closer instead. What we finally decided on was Nan, a French/Thai fusion place a few blocks from here. It's a pretty small restaurant and so reservations are appreciated. The menu is fairly small and simple, with everything made-to-order.

Essentially, this place was amazing. The food was pretty to look at and very filling. The presentation for the food was very nice. Real linen tablecloths, pretty flowers on the side, linen napkins, wine glasses even though it's BYOB... It's a little pricey to my sentiments, although it's maybe average or just slightly above for Philadelphia, but it was very much worth it. Warm fresh bread came first with butter that was too hard (really one of the few complaints I can think of). When that was over, the appetizers came. I had a crabcake (it was very good...never had one before and now I'm probably spoiled because I had a real (expensive) one) and my friend had chicken sate. The presentation for the crabcake was especially nice. The crabcake was in the middle and topped with some greens that must have been dressed in some sort of vinaigrette and surrounded with...some sort of sauce with (a cheese sauce I think, I'm not sure. It was pretty good though) chives in it. I think they were chives anyway. It was little green bits? *shrugs* Anyway, it was good. Not complaining. I had a couple bites of the chicken sate too and that was also good. The chicken was covered in a peanut & tamarind sauce. I have no idea what tamarind is, but I didn't find the chicken spicy, and that made me happy. I did drink a lot of water. I was going to try the Thai Iced Tea, but the waiter (who was British and had a lovely accent by the way) said that it was sweet and I particularly abhor sweetened iced tea, so I passed on that.

Next came the main course. We both had the same thing, which was chicken and shrimp in...I'm not really sure what the sauce was. Tamarind again and curry maybe...I think. I forget. I did read the menu, that doesn't mean I remember what all the spices and things were though. And besides, the crabcake wasn't even on the menu...it was an addition. There were three deletions from the menu because they were out of things. Which was a shame...I was going to have one of the appetizers they were out of originally. But the crabcake was good too. Anyway, the chicken and shrimp came with a little tiny side plate of vegetables and white rice. The sauce was a little spicy for me personally, although the person I was eating with didn't seem to have any problems with it. The shrimp was really good and so was the chicken. Everything was good. Dessert, however, was a step above good and approached orgasmically sublime. I thought about having the creme brulee just because I've never had it and I've seen it made on tv and it looks interesting, so trying it is something on my list of things to do. None of the desserts on the menu had prices, which was kind of frightening now that I think about it. Anyway, we were both fairly full, so we split a dish of homemade chocolate ice cream that came with a sprig of mint in a martini glass. I swear to God, everyone should go there just to eat the ice cream. They should sell that stuff in an upscale market, it's that good. Apparently it's made with *really* fine chocolate and that's the secret of it's success. Anyway, it's seriously divine...close your eyes in bliss and moan kind of ice cream. I've never tasted better chocolate ice cream in my life. So that's my raving about dinner. Everything was good, but the ice cream was so good that there aren't enough words in the English language to express how fantastic it was. And that's it.

However, about an hour or two after I got home from dinner, I had a headache/incipient migraine. That didn't make me really happy. I was displeased, but there was nothing I could do. Well, I took drugs, but I expected them to be highly ineffective, just as they are almost every other time I take them for a headache. So I took a few and then my eyes didn't like light since it created a stabbing pain in my head, so I got rid of all of the light I could think of and went to sleep. Then I woke up...around 7ish maybe? Spent a little time reading I believe, then I turned on the computer and played around for awhile, looking at e-mail and things, and that pretty much brings everything up to speed. In about 20 minutes, I'm going to watch Jeopardy. Tada.

So that's the really long 421st entry. Hope you enjoyed, I'll be dancing a jig or something over here. Ciao.

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