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Commercials That Need To Go Away

October 28th/29th, 2002 - 9:58 p.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: Texaco (it's not getting done, I promise you that), & some dead philosopher or 2

I'm tired. Of course, if I would've slept for a longer period of time than between 11 am and 2 pm, then maybe I wouldn't be feeling this way.

Errr...Blah. I don't feel like updating really. This has been sitting here for two and a half hours already. So, just real quick...a few commercials/things that have been annoying me.

Oh, but first, I have to mention that I've gotten rid of the stalking cockroach. That makes me happy. Moving on.

I've seen that commmercial for the new movie that's coming out with Eminem in it like 10 times tonight. It's really annoying me to a point that few commercials reach. Usually there are several commercials which irritate me, but only rarely do they irritate me or go way over my tolerance level to the point where I have to mute the tv, change the channel, or turn it off in order to avoid seeing/listening to it. However, the commercial for Eminem's movie...whatever it is...8 Miles? Enh, it doesn't really matter, I won't be going to see it anyway...has really annoyed me to the point where I don't want to hear his voice or the images any more or I'm going to scream.

There's this Boyband "solo" "artist" who makes me do the same thing. Justin Timberlake? I don't know, some blond annoying boy who sings something stupid that makes me want to slit his throat, pull his tongue out, and make a necktie with it so that he can never say anything again. Hi, I have violent urges...let's be friends!

Anyway, (such a brilliant segue that was) the other commercial lately that's been annoying me is this one for Pizza Hut that's for...a Chicago Deep Dish pizza or something? Now, I like Pizza Hut and I like Pan pizza so chances are I'd like this, but I can't have it because the only Pizza Hut even remotely nearby does not deliver and is in a section of Philadelphia I definitely *do NOT* want to be in.

Oh, and Emeril is starting to bother me but that's just because I'm actually watching it for once. Sole veronique sounds pretty good though actually, and I don't even really like fish. So I bring you a conversation I had...Because I'm out of things to say.

Me: Emeril needs to stop kicking it up another notch. Eventually it'll break.

Jackie: LOL

Jackie again: Frig it up a notch!

Me: And I'm getting tired of hearing that damn phrase. "And then I'm going to kick it up ANOTHER notch!"

Jackie: And then.. after I've kicked it up that notch... I'MA KICKA IT UP ANOTHA NOOOTCH.

Me: Exactly! You'd think he'd...fall off or something once he got to the top. I mean, you can only go up so many notches.

Me again: But noooooo...he wants to kick it up STILL ANOTHER notch!

Me yet again: I want him to fall off and break something.

Jackie: LOL


Me: That would be the best thing to see... or if Martha Stewart lost her drugs and blew up on her show.

*skips some stuff*

Me: Hmm...fish?

Jackie: Fish it up a notch?

Me: Ha. He's kicking fish.

Me: up a notch.

Me: You know that chick from Cheers who does Pier 1 commercials now? Kristie Alley? She's annoying me...She told me that I need shopping therapy. :<<

Jackie: I hate her. >:|

Me: Why is she trying to make me spend more? >:-|

Jackie: Cause she suxor.

And on that inspiring note...Ciao.

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