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Daylight Savings Time Is Not Saving Me Money

October 27th, 2002 - 8:00 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding: Texaco for Tues., The Arcades Project, & some portion of a Norton Anthology as well as almost anything & everything French

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Frigging thing. Frigging, frigging, thing! I had a huge long paragraph written and then it went BOOM! because I was screwing around and doing things. And then I was worried so I copied the tiny frustrated sentence or two I'd re-written and then the browser went BOOM and exploded and for some reason it didn't save it so I couldn't repaste it and it was back to the drawing board for the 3rd time in like an hour. Now I really don't feel like writing a diary entry. We'll see how much that works. I don't know if it will or not.

Angel'll be on later tonight. That'll be good. Maybe. Again with the 'wait-and-see' attitude. Daylight Savings Time was last night. I don't know why it makes me so happy, especially since the extra hour of sleep doesn't really apply if you don't actually *go* to sleep before the time change. It just feels an hour later than it actually is, which is kind of annoying. Since when did John Rzeznick decide that he should have a solo career? I liked the Goo Goo Dolls the way they were damnit. Oh. Apparently he's just "moonlighting" a little of a solo career on the side and not leaving the band. And who's next on the countdown? Justin "Friggin" Timberlake. He seriously needs to go away. Just his face on my tv screen makes me either mute him, turn off the tv, or change the channel depending on just how annoyed I am with his annoying face and voice. My t key doesn't like me. I believe I've mentioned this before. Just because I'm mentioning it again doesn't make it any less true. Freaking key.

I was going to try to get some writing done in a productive manner (if you can call my avoiding work for class by choosing to further my writing projects for the pleasure and enjoyment of myself and others productive that is), but I'm just not feeling it or something at the moment. I simply can't sit down and concentrate on it like I should. Television is really boring on Sunday mornings, did you know that? There are many instances in which television is lacking in interest. I suppose I could always turn it off, but I need noise of some sort and the television is easiest many times.

I talked to Jackie on the phone for a whopping 202 minutes and some odd seconds, which might be a record for me personally. Not that it really matters because I still most likely have a ton of minutes left for October and there isn't really all that much of it left in which to chat. I'll probably call my friend later today and maybe someone else too. You never know. Ha. It sort of depends on when I go to bed/wake up.

I caved. I admit it. I caved and ordered those boots. I was unhappy that I had to pay some sort of tax because Nordstrom's exists in Pennsylvania, but it wasn't that much and I didn't pay for shipping, in addition to the fact that returns are fairly simple, so the tax was worth it. It wasn't even as much as I'd have paid for shipping anyway. We'll see when they get here how well I like them. If they're not comfortable they'll be returned and if they're too big/small (although that's not a problem I'm expecting), then they'll be exchanged in one way or another and it'll be good. Did I mention that the clothing I ordered came a few days ago? Did I even mention that I'd ordered clothes? Ah hell...forget it, I'm going to just go away. I'm fairly pleased with my clothing choices, except my pants are slightly too long and require either boots or hemming. Hence the shoe envy thing. Like I really need to spend more money? Pfft. But I'm doing it anyway. Ah well. Let you know about things later.

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