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Cold...Columbus Frigger.

October 15th, 2002 - 3:15 a.m.

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Oh look, I'm updating again. Why? Because I can of course. I swear I'm ever so tempted to buy a space heater. Geez is it cold in this room. Of course, that's the problem...EVERY YEAR it's cold in this suite of rooms. I don't think these rooms are temperature regulated at all although I had one guy who came in and said that it was a "normal" 68 or something. I think he was fibbing. Especially if what I sort of remember is wrong and it was really 78. I wonder how much one costs? Probably not one from on campus because I know the bookstore, which sells everything from books to greeting cards to computer equipment to chocolate to stuffed animals to cookware, will have raised the prices rather significantly from what they're actually worth. Case in point: my new external floppy drive? I paid like $44 for it (tax- and shipping-free)and it arrived in like 3 days. I saw the EXACT same thing...right down to the manufacturer and the box design in the bookstore and how much was it? $69! That's right. $25 more than on the internet. The bookstore obviously didn't get my money. I might have to look into it. The actual heater in this room doesn't do a damn thing, that's for sure. And to prove the poor construction of this building: the lobby where you come in is roasting at the moment. Stupid building. I really probably shouldn't spend the money though. I've definately spent more than enough of that lately already as it is.

Alright. Yuck. I do NOT need to see a commercial for Diflucan (a yeast infection curative pill). In fact, if it has anything to do with that part of my body and it's a commercial for anything related to it, I don't really want to see it. I'm fully aware of the fact that products exist for these things and personally, I don't really want to see advertisements for stuff like yeast infection pills/creams and pads made especially for thongs. As if anyone who's going through PMS is wearing a thong to begin with? I honestly can't imagine any woman who would. It's not like women feel really sexy while cramping like crazy and bleeding rather uncomfortably.

I don't remember what the point of starting this entry was. I *had* a point, but I think I lost it. I don't know where it went. Guess I should've written it down before I began and got off track. I was going to mail off my rebate today but of course I couldn't because it was Christopher Frigging Columbus Day and all the post offices are closed. So now I have to do it today. And my book which is supposed to be here isn't because of him as well. Damn Christopher Columbus. Jackie wrote this really nice entry about what an annoyance he was, but because there was a bit at the end that made it sound like the Cat Momma was C. Columbus' mother, she took the whole thing down. It was really too bad.

I guess since there's no point I'll be going now. I haven't had enough sleep anyway. I need to go to bed. I have class tomorrow. Two of them in fact. And I'd sort of like to be coherent for them. I have too much reading to do. I shouldn't be on here this often. I should do my readin gfirst. All 8000 pages of it. Oh, in the non-scholastic accomplishment side, I finished part 8 of the story I spend my "free" time working on at like 7 am yesterday morning. Yay me. You know what? I'm going to go look for heaters now and then go to bed. It's not like I actually want to read any of this crap anyway. Oh yeah...and OW. My stupid head. It really needs to stop doing this.

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