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400 Entries...Damn Have I Been Here For A Long Time

September 29th, 2002 - 9:26 p.m.

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So, 10 days ago I updated. Then about 5 days ago, I started a diary entry. This is my 400th diary entry, so I wanted it to be special. But then I couldn't write it or I got busy or distracted or whatever and now it's been 5 more days and I'm just too...something or other to care anymore. I don't know what. Just...something. So now I don't know what to do and I still don't know what to do to make it special, so I'll just do whatever and it'll be the worst 100th multiple celebration ever, but who cares?

Things I could write about and expound upon in this diary entry (but probably won't):

1. The season premiere of Buffy

2. The friggers that are the campus mail people.

3. The idiotic fire alarm that woke me up this afternoon.

4. The really, really disgusting show on Animal Planet that's all about disgusting parasites that can go from your food to your intestine or brain and it's completely grossing me out and I'm probably going to have horrible nightmares about this. It's seriously making me grossed out and reluctant to eat anything ever again. Ick. Yuck. I cannot explain how entirely disgusting it is. I finally did change the channel. I couldn't take it anymore. The video they were showing of this surgery in China where they took out like this watermelon sized blob full of thousands of tapeworm eggs or something. It was...ugh. I am *never* getting that image out of my head and I really regret that fact.

Well, I guess I'll try to talk about the things mentioned above a little bit. The season premiere of Buffy was pretty decent. It should be an interesting season. I don't know how much I'll like it if it turns into something that's focusing on Dawn and her new-found friends. But I think I'll like the villains better this season. We'll see...it does have plenty of time to start to suck this season after all.

I could go into the whole mail room melodrama, but I've already ranted about that too many times to various people who aren't this diary to really want to rehash it. Let's just say it really frustrated me and that the campus mail people are friggers of the worst kind. Jackie will most likely blame Christopher Columbus for this, and who's to say she's wrong?

Read a couple books in my "spare time" (pretty much time I created by ignoring other things) this weekend that came from Amazon in one of those packages that the mail friggers were withholding from me. The first two books in the "Crimson" trilogy by Trisha Baker. They weren't too bad, I'll probably read the 3rd one when it comes out in February so that I can find out how it ends. The books don't have very definate endings, something that's rather annoying. I think I like the 2nd one better than the first one. Trilogies are kind of annoying, especially when the 3rd one isn't available and you want to see what happens next. Ah well, I guess it's an exercise in patience. At least I know that the next one will be out sooner than 10 years from now.

This afternoon, at roughly 1:30 pm (I think it was like, 1:23...something like that), I was rudely awakened by the annoyingly shrill sound of the fire alarm. So I put on pants and slippers, grabbed my wallet, keys, and reading for class, and tried to go out the fire door. The fire door wasn't cooperating, so I was forced to spend more time with the piercing fire alarm to get out of the building. Then the waiting began. It took maybe 5, 10 minutes for the fire department and campus police to show up (the fire, by the way, wasn't a fire at all, just a ton of smoke from a bunch of males who were cooking bacon, etc. for brunch), but that wasn't what took so long. What took so long was the fact that we had to wait another TWENTY FREAKING MINUTES for Facilities Services to come along and shut off the damn alarm. By this time, I had a headache and I'd been in the sun without sunglasses for too long. It sucked so I took two of something and then tried to rest a bit more. It didn't really work though and now I'm tired. Very tired. Being tired sucks. It happens entirely too often.

There are probably other things that I should babble about since it's been awhile since I've updated, but I don't feel like it. I need to turn off the tv and possibly the computer in order to read my story for French class, write some question/response things for it, and then write a page on any aspect of one of the stories (most likely the one we're discussing tomorrow since it's easier to just do everything for one story). So I have to stop writing stuff here now. Ciao. And I might even update again before the end of September...but I wouldn't bet on it.

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