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PMS, Missing Roommate, Manic Monday...Blech

September 16th, 2002 - 7:35 a.m.

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I have issues.

It's Monday. That alone is enough to make me mean, unhappy, and bitchy because Mondays Always Suck. It's a rule someplace, I swear. Unless you have the day off. That is the one exception to the rule. And let's face it, there's almost always an exception to everything stuck in there someplace.

Who the fuck is Steve McQueen and why is Sheryl Crow so frigging obsessed with him that she had to write an entire song with his name on it which is then subsequently played 80,000 times on VH1 to my annoyance?

To add to the fact that it's Monday and my cheerful choice of songs for the day seem to be "Manic Monday" and "Who Needs Sleep?" (as if the day hasn't already pissed me off enough), what do I have to accompany this brilliantly dreary and somewhat cold morning? PMfriggingS, that's what. Oh yes, you are in the presence of a caffinated, sugar-stuffed, & sleep-deprived woman on her LAST frigging nerve...and it's only 7:50 in the morning. Wonderful.

If I would've either ignored the fact that my second class exists today and skipped the reading for that, I would most likely be unconscious right now, which is what I desperately long to be. But NO. I Did Not Do This. So I still have about 50 pages more to read for my 3 pm class in Honore de Balzac's Cousin Pons as well as a French short story that has not been translated into English for my sleep-happiness where I understand roughly 1 word in 3 (and that might be giving me the benefit of the doubt by a few words, it's probably closer to one word in five) for my 11 am class.

And for tomorrow, I have some musty work of Plato's to read and some things for my Arabic Literary Theory class from the library which actually requires me *going* to the library. This does not please me because I loathe the library over there and try to avoid it as much as possible. It...intimidates me or something. However, my professor for the Arabic theory class seems determined to make me spend much time in there this semester, up to and including actually holding class in the bloody thing. Ugh.

So what am I doing at 8 am instead of work? Pouring out my woes needlessly to an electronic journal that doesn't give a flying fuck and slowly diminishing the amount of time I have to work/sleep. Hmm. It might be a reflection of just how...something...I am depending on how often I start to swear. It's not a normal thing for me you know. Not especially anyway.

I need to get into the habit of turning off and/or ignoring my computer and quite possibly the tv as well in order to get work done. Ha. I threw my empty pop bottle at the wall and hit the calendar pretty dead on. I feel sort of better now...I think I'll do it again. Haaaaa...okay, that was one tiny thing to brighten up my day. Apparently sometimes I need to get violent with the wall by throwing things to feel better. The only bit that sucks is I have to get up all the time to pick up the pop bottle to throw again. Other than that it's cool.

Friday night/Saturday morning, I was going to go to bed earlier than after dawn by a ways, but Hudson Hawk was on and I had to stay awake and watch that so I didn't end up achieving my goal or anything. Hudson Hawk amuses me. I like it. It could also be called, "One Man's Desperate Search For A Frigging Cappucino", but that's okay too. That movie needs to be on more often. It's fun. Not many movies are unabashedly fun nowadays. Fun without being retarded or resorting to gross, obvious, physical humor that is. There's nothing like those stupid teen angst comedies or Tom Green kind of performances in Hudson Hawk. And that's why it's good. Because it's funny, light-hearted, and doesn't take itself very seriously without resorting to everything I don't like about most comedies nowadays. Yay. So everyone go watch Hudson Hawk and remember when comedy didn't have to rely on spoofing things that have already been done before. Or maybe it did. I don't know, just go watch it and then find movies of today that remind you of the ones you liked from yesteryear. Or something. Hell if I know...I'm sleep deprived, it's 8:30 in the morning...how much sense did you want me to make? (if your answer was anything other than "none", please change your answer immediately to the expected answer of "none" to save yourself disappointment.)

I have no idea whatsoever where my roommate is. I haven't seen anything of her since...Thursday I think. She could be dead or...just about anything I guess. Christopher Columbus could've gathered his band of merry roving aliens and carried her away in an early celebration of his friggerness for all I know. I'll get worried, oh, Wednesday maybe, since I'm not really sure if she even has class on Mondays. I remember there being a day when she didn't have class, but I don't remember which day(s) that was. But it's still kind of odd. As best as I can tell, she *means* to come back...her shampoo's still here, her suitcase is still in her closet, there's food in her fridge, she left her computer on and her window open...how much more evidence of her meaning to come back do I need? I don't know, eventually it'll be a case for the X-Files or something I guess.

*shrugs* I'm going to go away now...and probably not go to my French class in the process. I really hate my French class. Damn classes with an emphasis on participation. Why can't I not read anything and just sit there while they pontificate?

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