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The Canadians Might Be Keeping Me

August 18th, 2002 - 9:10 p.m.

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So it's been a week since I last updated and it'll probably be another week before I update again. Oh well. I gave a passing thought to updating last night, but created yet another survey instead. Yay me. So, go take the other survey, which can be found: Here and is entitled "Here I Go Again", because that's what I went and did. I went and made another random survey, again. What, you weren't expecting one with themes were you?

So Sunday I had my flight and it wasn't too bad. There was a problem with the connection and the plane was something like half an hour late getting off of the ground so we were about 20 minutes or so late getting into Sioux Falls. I met my friend there and stayed with her a few days. That was a nice few days. On Monday we went out to Flandreau to the casino there for her birthday. I didn't win anything. Well, that's not technically true. I won little bits here and there, but I just spent them again so I really didn't win anything, not even enough to break even. Oh well. I was pretty much prepared to lose it, and I did. No surprise there.

Going on vacation without internet access kind of sucks. Not because vacation isn't fun or anything, but because it's so frigging hard to keep track of my e-mail if I don't look at it once every few days. I came back to tons of freaking e-mails and I haven't even gotten caught up with one of my accounts yet because I had something like 60 e-mails to read. Stupid thing.

So we ended up in bars two of the nights I was there. (Yes Chad, I did drink. No Chad, it wasn't much nor did I get drunk. No Chad, it wasn't whiskey.) Each time we went, some weird thing managed to occur. It wasn't the same bar each time, so it couldn't have been just the fact that the bar was weird. Maybe it was the fact that we were by ourselves playing pool or something. Anyway, it was odd. The playing pool part was fun. The random encounters were not so fun, just bizarre.

So the first night we went to go play pool, we played a game and then this guy came up and asked if we wanted to play doubles. We had no objections, so he and his girlfriend or friend who is a girl (I was rather confused as to which) came over and we played with them for a game. The bar was about to close and oddly enough the guy asked us if we wanted to go to his house and party some more after it closed. We were understandably hesitant and the guy kept asking for "pitch-ins" which sounded almost like pigeons half the time (my friend even made a joke about it, which everyone except the guy got). Since we didn't really feel like spending the money and because of the incredibly short accquainance, we went far far away from the strange people.

The next evening wasn't really odd or anything, although the near-constant stream of Mexican polka music from the jukebox being played by some other patrons in the bar was kind of annoying. It was just this random guy hitting on my friend. He was old and probably married since he kept evading questions in a rather obvious manner. Oh, and most likely drunk. He was our random weird encounter for the evening.

So anyway, off to Canada and other assorted parts of the Pacific Northwest for a week. I'll be back Sunday night, but I might be so tired by then that I won't want to get online. So chances are that I won't be updating until at least next Monday or so. If I don't update ever again, just assume that the Canadians decided to keep me, eh?

Oh, and take the bloody survey!

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